How to overcome lag in PUBG Mobile games on Potato Android phones
How to overcome lag in PUBG Mobile games on Potato Android phones

How to overcome lag in PUBG Mobile games on Potato Android phones

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Hello bosquu, welcome to, on this occasion the launcher will discuss how to beat the lag in PUBG Mobile on the following Android and iOS mobile phones.

Battle Royale War Game is one of the most popular smartphone game among players today known as PUBG or Battleground Mobile.

Unknown Battleground Mobile Player or PUBG Mobile itself has 3 different battle modes or locations on the map, including 4 solo, duo and team players, as well as several game modes.

Start with Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. Previously, we covered 5 tips to help you get rid of slow PUBG game on your laptop or PC.

I don’t know how hard it is for Battlefield players to play, this time with tips and how to avoid stuttering when playing PUBG mobile games on our smartphones.

This is nothing, the PUBG mobile game itself has many HD graphics cards, and its functions are more complex, so it is not surprising that the PUBG mobile game is stuck on the smartphone.

How to overcome lag in PUBG Mobile games

How to beat lag in PUBG games

Here is how to overcome lag when playing PUBG Mobile Games on cheap smartphones or smartphones with temporary features.

1. Check the network connection

The most important and perhaps the most important thing is the network or connection you use when playing online games, especially PUBG Mobile and Battle Royale.

As the system needs to transmit (receive and send) data between other PUBG Mobile players and the PUBG Mobile server.

Therefore, we must use a high and stable network speed, or at least a green ping size or less than 100ms.

2. Close background apps

Apart from that, the immediate step to take when playing a PUBG mobile game is to close the unused apps on your iOS or Android phone.

Because it can affect your performance while playing games. This is only recommended to consume the amount of RAM.

The use of unused applications sometimes makes use of data sources on the Internet, such as WhatsApp.

If you are playing PUBG mobile game then you will use whatsapp connection not only with whatsapp but also with other peoples apps.

3. Use the nearby server mode

As mentioned in paragraph 1, you transfer data between the player and the PUBG Mobile server during the game to make the game run better.

In addition to the stable and relatively fast data connection, the game is also affected by the server location that you use when playing PUBG Mobile.

Because the more server space you use, the longer it takes to transfer data.

PUBG Mobile may have a location or server room that we want to use, since we are in Indonesia it is recommended to use only Asian servers or KRJP servers. Because the server is not far from our country.

4. Do not use power saving mode / low battery

Smartphone models now have more capabilities while charging the phone.

Smartphones automatically reduce resource usage on smartphones to speed up the charging process. This kind of thing is good.

But smartphones are usually the type of phones that have this feature in terms of chargers. So when your phone is in the charger, don’t use it to play games.

5. Clear the cache and useless files

Then clear the cache and junk files while playing PUBG Mobile, which increases the quality of reading and processing of our mobile memory.

Increase the free space of our portable storage system. This is because the reduced free space on our smartphones usually affects the performance of the smartphone.

This is because the storage system is large and slow. Clearing your phone’s cache is important when you go to play games.

6. Use low or medium graphics

You can use the graphics settings, and set it to a lower graphics quality if you feel it when you are playing a game that freezes or lags.

This is usually because we choose high quality graphics, while our phone specs don’t support it but we are forced to use the best high quality graphics.

Prioritize comfort when playing games over the graphics you use when playing pubg mobile games.

The default graph is usually a suggestion from the system and you don’t choose any higher than the default settings.

7. PUBG game update

Aside from system updates on your phone, PUBG also needs to check for mobile app updates, as Tencent frequently updates feature updates to fix bugs in the game.

Or improve the performance of the mobile PUBG game while using the resources of the smartphone.

You will often check for PUBG mobile game updates, and if so, update your PUBG mobile game right away.

8. Use Game Booster

If your phone uses Game Booster by default or doesn’t have Game Booster built in, you can download Game Booster.

Generally speaking, there are many good game boosters for Android smartphones on Play Store, you can find and download Game Booster from App Store for iOS smartphones.

Game Booster improves your gaming experience.

Force stop unused background apps. The available memory is large and it automatically clears the cache of useless apps in the phone.

9 Update the operating system

When you receive a system update notification, please update your device as soon as possible because the update may improve your phone’s performance.

So, if your phone has system update notification for Android OS or iOS OS, please update it as soon as possible.

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Thus, our article on how to reduce PUBG Mobile lag on Android and iOS phones, hopefully will help you avoid PUBG lag.

Thanks for reading, see you in the next article.

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