How to remove Premium on VIU to watch for free
How to remove Premium on VIU to watch for free

How to remove Premium on VIU to watch for free

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Do you want to watch korean dramas for free but already subscribed? Here’s how to get rid of Premium on VIU so you can watch it again for free!

K-drama fans must know about VIU App. Where users can watch all korean movies from newest to old.

Also many country dramas including live broadcasts. However, you need to know how to remove Premium on VIU if you want to watch it without paying.

Why should it be done? Because users who try the trial package for 30 days are usually required to make payment.

Otherwise, the item will return to its original state. Which is watching with ads, limited movie options and other annoying things.

How to remove premium in VIU application

Maybe someone is still confused, why do you need to remove premium status in the app? The answer is that the user’s balance or credit card will not be debited and the user’s data will be deleted.

The goal is to use the same account as the new one. So you can continue to enjoy the experimental features.

Apart from not having to create a new account, users can also watch movies freely without any distraction.

Although this trial period was planned by VIU App to be deleted. There are many alternative options other than how to remove premiums in VIU, of course.

However, for users who have already registered for an account with several automatic payment methods.

Subscription can be deactivated immediately before the payment due date. The method can be selected according to a predetermined method. Here are some of the methods that can be used:

1. Unsubscribe through the app

If users attempt to use the trial period, they can immediately cancel the subscription through the VIU App. The method is very easy:

  • Open the application page.
  • Choose My Account List.
  • Scroll down to find the exit options.
  • Do not forget to confirm by pressing “Yes, I want to leave”.

Please also note, if the user wants to log back into the app with the same account.

We recommend clearing all VIU app data in phone settings. So you can enjoy the premium package again for free.

2. Unsubscribe by payment method

Premium packages with payment methods are usually made up front. If you do not want to continue your subscription, you should stop.

Good after the end of time is near. Because if it is in the middle there is no response.

It is different from opting out of the trial period, this way users can do it directly on the Google Play Store.

By selecting the subscription menu, then selecting the VIU application. After that, cancel the next subscription.

3 Ways to Watch VIU with Premium Plan for Free

As we explained earlier, this article will also provide tricks to watch movies on VIU for free with premium package.

How could that happen? Of course you can with the help of other applications and special methods. One of them is as shown below:

1. Using a simple trick

The first thing you can do is to uninstall the VIU app. Then set up a new email for a trial or enter a special code frequently. If there is no new account, you can follow the previously described method.

2. With application instructions

Although using Happy Mood app help is not really recommended for illegal reasons, it might be possible to try.

Giving a lot of similar applications with the quality of each. The trick is to install VIU into the Happy Mood app.

3. Use of mod apps

No wonder there are so many MOD apps download links that can be found easily. Because the MOD application has many advantages. One of them is access to premium without paying.

This is how to get rid of premium on VIU and how to watch it for free. But it would be good not to try the tricks mentioned above. Because of course harmful to the creator of the workbook.

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