How to remove red and green lines in Microsoft Word 2007-2019
How to remove red and green lines in Microsoft Word 2007-2019

How to remove red and green lines in Microsoft Word 2007-2019

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Hello bosquu, welcome to, on this occasion, the administrator will share tips on how to remove red lines in Word for you.

Even if you have been using your computer for a long time, you may not know how to get rid of the red font in Word.

Microsoft Office is a desktop program that helps us simplify our work or tasks.

Microsoft Office provides many programs, one of which is Microsoft Word and Excel which are the most used.

This term is one of the most widely used programs from students to workers and is one of the compulsory subjects for high school students.

However, as you type, you are sometimes distracted by the red lines in Word.
But don’t worry, the red streak can be easily removed in just a few steps.

Remove the red line in Microsoft Word

How to remove red lines in Word

How to remove red lines in Word 2010 and Down

For those still using Word 2010, 2007 and 2003, you can easily remove the red line at some point.


  • The first step you should take is to open the Word document with the red line removed. The next step is to click the Office button in the upper right corner of the Microsoft Office Word window.
  • After that, several menus will appear. Then open the word options menu.
  • When the Word Options window opens, select Checklist. Then several options for settings appear. Clear the spelling as you type check box here, and uncheck grammatical errors as you type. If so, click Save to save your settings.

This way, not all notes you open in Word will have red and green lines.

Remove the red line in Word 2016 and above

If you only use the latest version of Word, such as 2016, 2017, or 2019, you may not understand why red lines appear under the words you type.

  • Open the Word document file from which you want to remove the red outline.
  • Then click “File” and several menu items will appear. Here you need to click on the list of options below.
  • The options window will appear. You can now right-click on the “Apply” option.
  • In this verification window, you can configure so that the red lines on the words disappear. You can do this by clearing the Check spelling as you type check box. Also, if you want to remove the green line as well. Then check the fence on coding syntax errors while writing this section.
  • Finally, save the settings, click OK, done, now the red font in Word has been removed automatically.

You need to know when to set remove tags in Word.

Also, when you open a document, no document on your computer will appear in red.

Red Line Jobs in Ms. Word

So what exactly does the red line do? did you hear about it?

Be aware that the redline feature is designed to detect misspellings, or that you usually make misspellings.

green line function in ms word

Not only red lines appear in the words, but also green ones.

This series is for checking grammatical errors in the English language.

So, with this green streak, you no longer need to recheck the rules.

Unfortunately, the red and green fonts are useless if you’re writing in Indonesian. This is because these two functions do well in English.

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Well, how to get rid of red lines in Microsoft Word that some do not know can be done in stages, and we hope that it will be useful to all of you.

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