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Kuwaiti Dinar – How to start a 1 kg laundry business. Are you starting a laundry business for the first time? Here are some tips to get you started:

Laundry is one of the hardest jobs. Even if it was done manually, it would take a long time. This is why laundry companies exist in the local community. Office workers and students often do not have time to wash. Therefore, laundry service is the solution to the problem of soiled clothes.

If you want to run a business, do the laundry. Here are some tips to help you get started.

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How to start a laundry business

Reasons for choosing Kilo laundry company

There are several washing methods such as pound washer, doll washer and shoe washer. On this occasion we will focus on the discussion of washing the kilogram.

How could it be?

The market coverage of laundry per kilogram is extensive and global. You can target almost any group of people, including students, workers or employees.

1. Student

Around the complex there are usually bars and rental houses. This home is out of town.

Some of them do not have the skills and knowledge of laundry, and some of them do not have the time to wash clothes because they are involved in university and organizational activities. While others are lazy. You can use the student term above as an opportunity to open a laundry business. This service is necessary to clean clothes and enhance the scent of students.

2. The worker or employee

In large industrial centers there are usually pensioners and landlords. This house is also housing for workers and employees. Workers usually have the fastest people to spend eight hours in the office or other workplace.

If you are tired of working all day, you can not take care of your dirty clothes. They rarely have free time. Laundry began in an area with a large workforce. They will take it well.

Tips for Starting a Successful Kilo Laundry Business

Do you understand why kilogram clothing is the right choice? Here are a few things to keep in mind when starting a pound laundry business.

1. Choose the right location

The first tip that you can give before you start washing is to determine the right place.

Look for places with lots of students and employees who represent your target market. Choosing this location will have a huge impact on your capital offering, so make sure the location you choose is strategic and easy to access.

2. Set the price

Price is one of the main influencing factors in the kilogram trade. Especially if you already have a similar business in the area where you trade.

Make sure that the price of the services you provide is affordable, and not far from the market price. To facilitate pricing, we recommend taking a survey first.

3. Improve service quality

Affordability isn’t the only appeal of kilogram clothing. Customers are also very concerned about the quality of service provided.

We also hire experienced people in this field. The higher the quality of service, the more satisfied customers will be and the more they will not hesitate to return. We also provide the best service. B. Clean and fragrant laundry.

4. Watch the time

Punctuality is very important when finishing work in the laundry industry.

Most clients are busy and don’t have much time so your laundry is the solution here.

Don’t disappoint your customers by making them wait too long for clean and smelly clothes.

5. Offer Variations of Service

The work you run is 1 kg of laundry. However, you cannot rely solely on one type of service.

Customers have different washing needs. There is nothing wrong with providing other services. For example, customers are free to choose which fragrance to wear. You can also create service packs at run time.

6. Be careful with consumer clothes

Treat consumer clothes as you would your best clothes. This should be done in such a way that the customer’s clothes are in good condition and undamaged.

Read care labels before washing. In addition, avoid discoloration of the clothes by not mixing colored clothes with white clothes and avoiding things that can damage the client’s clothes.

7. Marketing

Starting a business requires the right tricks. You need to use the right marketing techniques to get your business out of the way.

This is a method that can be performed before the start of the washing process, for example b. Marketing through SNS, distributing brochures or at the start of the company.

Offering promotions can also attract new potential customers.

8. Don’t forget about bookkeeping

Doing laundry bookkeeping is very important when doing this business as it is able to record all the ongoing transactions.

You can see if your business is making a profit or a loss, and you can also use this data as material for evaluating business developments.

Not only that, by checking in regularly you can prevent an unexpected loss of funds.

The more time, the more ways to make financial records, so now you can only make financial records over the phone. BukuWarung app can be a solution, especially for those who have a pound laundry business, you can record your money and debts in a practical and efficient way. If you are interested, you can download and try the BukuWarung app from the link below.

Basically, successful work begins with careful preparation. Prepare everything you need before starting your laundry business.

Don’t be afraid to ask people who have worked in the laundry industry, because experience is the best teacher.

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