How to Strengthen Signal on Latest Android Mobile or Smartphone of 2020
How to Strengthen Signal on Latest Android Mobile or Smartphone of 2020

How to Strengthen Signal on Latest Android Mobile or Smartphone of 2020

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How to strengthen the signal on the latest Android cell phone or smartphone When you lose your cell phone signal, it seems like a disaster for smartphone users these days.

The reason is, with this signal lost we cannot access the Internet. As now almost all smartphone users cannot be disconnected from the internet.

Various entertainment media and social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube etc. require an internet connection to be accessed.

In addition, most games should now use an internet connection, for example games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, etc.

Imagine if your cell phone signal suddenly disappeared or weakened while playing games? Bad course.

To overcome this, there is already a way, so that the signal on your mobile phone becomes stronger and more stable.

One way is to use the help of a signal booster app. The Google Playstore has many things that you can use.

How to strengthen the smartphone signal via the app

How to strengthen the signal on a mobile phone or Android smartphone

If you are confused because there are many applications and you do not know their capabilities, here we summarize the list of the best signal booster applications that you can try.

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1. Network Signal Booster

The number one app for Android is Mobile Network Signal Booster. This app has proven its worth and in addition to that, Mobile Network Signal Booster is also easy to use.

This app is very easy to use and the interface is not confusing so you can try this app to boost your mobile signal.

2. Network Singal Refresher Lite

Network Singal Refresher Lite

Network Signal Refresher Lite is the best signal booster app for Android that is small in size and light in use.

So for those who are using phones with low specs and want to have a good and stable signal, you can try using this app.

An interesting feature of this app is the widget on the home screen which is integrated into your phone’s notification bar.

3. Free signal guard

The next app is Signal Guard Free. In this application there are many features that you can use regarding network problems on your phone.

This app is said to make the signal on your phone more stable. In the pro version of this app, you can enjoy the notification feature if the signal suddenly disappears, search for a specific network, and much more.

4. Network Single Booster

Next is Singal Booster Network, this app is powerful enough to make your signal stronger and more stable. With the one-click system, the signal speed on your phone will increase.

Just like the previous app, Network Signal Booster also has a small size and light weight to use, so it won’t burden your phone’s performance.

5. Individual network information

Another best signal booster app that you can try is Network Signal Info. As the name suggests, this app can provide detailed information regarding the network/signal you are using.

Apart from that, this app also has other interesting features such as tags tracking, location, and much more.

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How to amplify the smartphone signal via the guide

1. Network management

Weak or missing signal can be caused by incorrect network settings, unregistered APN, or incorrect network type. Creating a network on an Android smartphone is very easy.

method: Settings -> SIM card & mobile networks -> (choose the name of your telecom provider).

2. Network customization

Some smartphones may be very sensitive to signals and should be compatible with the types of networks available in the area you are in.

Network availability setting (3G or 4G) Where are you. Don’t let 3G be available, use 4G instead. This will definitely slow down the connection.

3. Go to Open Space

Go to Open Space for a signal

This is the easiest and simplest way to boost your mobile internet signal. Perhaps the weak signal is because our place or room at that time could not pick up the transmit signal.

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This is our article on how to boost signal on latest android cell phone or smartphone of 2020, hopefully it will help you in choosing android signal booster app.

Thank you for reading our article and see you in our next article.

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