How to TM simPATI Loop and free daily or monthly calls
How to TM simPATI Loop and free daily or monthly calls

How to TM simPATI Loop and free daily or monthly calls

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How to perform TM simPATI Loop and AS – Telkomsel is currently one of the many providers that offer many services, such as cheap phone packages for others or for all operators.

Telkomsel phone packages have different prices, Telkomsel phone packages are the prime choice for callers who need to be prepared all the time.

This is because according to the public, the Telkomsel signal is the most reliable, many say that the signal on the Telkomsel 4G card is more stable than others, even a family member has different signal stability such as simPATI Loop and AS.

The most interesting thing is that when other service providers compete on price, Telkomsel remains focused and optimistic and continues to build or expand its network in various remote areas of the archipelago.


So that the Telkomsel network can reach almost all parts of Indonesia. Telkomsel owns many products such as simPATI, simPATI Loop, KartuHalo, AS and many others.

How to TM simPATI Loop and Latest AS

How to perform TM simPATI Loop and AS

Coming back to the main title, I will share information on how to do it TM simPATI Loop And the as such which you may be able to use and help communicate with a prepaid card depending on your needs.

The method I am sharing is very simple and easy method.

1). How to TM simPATI Loop

How to buy simPATI Loop TM is very simple, it is done via USSD by typing *567# and select a connection package.

There are several options that you can use in simPATI Loop TM, they are Daily TM, Weekly TM and Monthly TM, here are the options for the simPATI Loop TM package:

Noun advantage price
TM episode 200 mins torrent (01-17: 59) + 5 MB R. 4000
TM all day 40 mins to cash and 20 mins to all clients (00:00-23:59) R. 5000
TM All Day Combo 100 Minutes Tsel, 10 SMS and 10MB Flash (00:00-23:59) R. 5500
Noun advantage price
TM Jumbo All Operations 125 minutes for cash, 75 minutes for all operations and 200 SMS R. 25000
done jumbo 1700 mins flow (00:00-23:59) R. 40000
Minjuan Max Combo 1400 Tzel and 150MB Flash (00:00-23:59) R. 42000
Noun advantage price
Monthly translation memory 6000 mins flow (00:00-23:59) R. 60,000
TM monthly all operations 600 minutes calling and 300 minutes for all operations + 1000 phone messages (00:00-23:59) R. 100,000
Monthly Lite Combo 4000 min Tsel + 500 MB Flash (00:00-23:59) R. 70000
Catatan : Mungking saja ada sedikit perbedaan harga karena perbedaan wilayah 

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2). TM AS

To buy TM AS, there are three simple ways I share, Via short messageAcross USSD then cross Application as follows:

The first method that you can do is to use SMS.

  1. to open message (Messaging), type serpo send me 8999.
  2. You will then be asked to follow the given instructions in order for the TM AS package to become active and can be used.

The second way to do this is to use USSD.

  1. to open USSD / Dial-upWrites *100# And the contact / ok.
  2. Then you can choose which TM AS package you want to use according to your needs.

The third method you can do is to use the MyTelkomsel app.

  1. Download and install MyTelkomsel App.
  2. Then register your full AS Card details on the app.
  3. After successful registration, you can purchase the TM AS package that you want to use according to your needs.

This is the SimPATI Loop and AS TM. Good luck and hopefully useful, Regards See you..!!

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