How to Unlock iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch Without a Passcode – TechAger
How to Unlock iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch Without a Passcode – TechAger

How to Unlock iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch Without a Passcode – TechAger

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Face ID and Touch ID mean iPhone and iPad customers have more device security than ever before — but what happens when these frameworks don’t remember you? We explain how to avoid a file iPhone Passcode Unlocker Biometric guards and access to a secure iPhone are in the best of direct developments.

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Customers realize that, and as the market develops and spills emerge as truly worth spreading, they are gradually being taught about the importance of safety. iPhone owners will specifically go for passcodes or biometrics backed by a passcode to protect the information on their device. Be that as it may, these insurances have some significant drawbacks.

Mobile phones are more than ever at the core of their owners’ lives. Today’s phones are so solid and optimized that they consist of six devices in one: a game console, a music player, and a camera.

Moreover, even pass-level models provide storage space. They can be used as portable hard disks for obtaining vital information. Losing — or losing entry — is an evolving disaster.

For something specific, passcodes can be hard to remember, especially when you add them to a large number of codes. And also, the passwords we use for technical organizations, devices and other departments. Moreover, biometrics do not help. They can double the situation because they mean you don’t enter a file iPhone passcode unlocked Oftentimes – and it’s not a memory walk when you really need to do it. While your device is restarting or updating, or when biometric technology neglects to remind you.

About TunesKit iPhone Unlocker

TunesKit is the coveted programming to unlock your iPhone passcode when you’ve missed it, and FaceID neglects to take care of its business.

The passcode also helps you in cases where iPhone screen is broken, idle screen, Touch ID not working, etc. It is applicable with all iPhone models, including iPad and iPod touch.

Watch this video and learn how to unlock your iPhone without a passcode on Windows.

Highlights of TunesKit iPhone Unlocker

You will bring up many highlights of TunesKit. These prominent features will help you solve any issue with your iOS devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod pinch.

We should talk about the advantages of TunesKit:

Factory reset iPhone without passcode or iTunes

If you have missed your passcode and are required to reset your iPhone, you can make it happen Unlock iPhone without passcode or iTunes. It is quite reasonable because of TunesKit iPhone Unlocker. Factory reset with TunesKit should be visible on all iOS devices. Helps protect your information.

Remove a wide range of screen locks on your iOS devices

It makes no difference what passcode you used on your iOS devices like 4 or 6 digits, custom sequential passcode, custom numeric passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID. Then, this tool will effectively remove these passcodes by bypassing them.

Applicable to all iOS devicess and adaptations

The most important aspect of TunesKit is its similarity to all iOS devices as generously as iOS structures. It even benefits the current widely available variant of iOS. This allows you to unlock the passcode of previous iPhones, thus renting them.

How to Unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Screen Passcode

Missing your lock screen passcode? Also, you have no idea how to get around the phone? Lock screen on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch restricts unauthorized starters from peeking at your message, contacts, photos, and individual protection. However, similar safety efforts can, at times, keep you away from your phone. For example, you may forget your passcode and discover that it cannot be recalled.

Nowadays, you can use Tunesket Phone Unlocker To effectively remove iPhone/iPad/iPod touch screen lock without passcode, including 4-digit/6-digit passcode, Touch ID and Face ID.

Typically, when you enter an unacceptable passcode 5-6 times, you get a message telling you that your iPhone has been compromised. A very common attempt will lock your devices, and again, you will receive a statement explaining which locks are closed.”

How to unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch without password

Stage 1. Introduce the program to your computer

Stage 1. Introduce the program to your computer

First of all, download and submit a file iPhone screen unlock Programming on your computer. Turn it off and connect the locked iPhone/iPad/iPod to your computer, then click “Start” to activate the interaction.

Stage 2. Put your iOS device into DFU Mode / Recovery Mode

Stage 2. Put your iOS device into DFU Mode / Recovery Mode

Follow the instructions to put your device into DFU mode. Means depend on the category of your device. Also, you can choose the correct model in the main seat, and the particular progress will be shown.

If your device is not able to hack the DFU method, if it is not too much trouble, try recovery mode by tapping on “Put your device into recovery mode” at the bottom side. One more time, assign the correct category to look at the correct developments.

Stage 3. Download the firmware package

Stage 3. Download the firmware package

Before downloading the firmware package, make sure that the manual for the device is suitable. Or you can physically correct it, assuming it is off the norm. Click Download.

Next, you bring up a verification window and hit “Start Confirmation”.

Stage 4. Unlock iPhone Screen Passcode

Stage 4. Unlock iPhone Screen Passcode

Click gin Unlock to remove the locked screen on your iPhone without entering a password.

You are prompted to enter “000000” to confirm that you have permission to unlock the device and click Unlock.

The strategy is to get rid of the lock screen, which takes a few moments to finish.

If the unlock cycle is completed, tap Done to close it.

In the wake of unlocking, you can recover lost information from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch through three recovery modes by using iPhone information recovery programming.

How to remove passcode from iPhone?

TunesKit iPhone Unlocker Made Easy Remove iPhone passcode from your iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. To unlock your iPhone without a passcode, connect your iPhone or some stalker. However, make sure you offer TunesKit programming on your computers like Windows or Macintosh.

With a single tick, you will have the option to remove your passcode or some other lock pattern, for example, serial, digital, Touch ID or Face ID.

In the wake of pairing with your computer, open TunesKit and start downloading the firmware that matches your device, and check it. Then, at this point, you will have the option to be ready to log into your iPhone without entering any passcode.

The information inside your iOS device will be lost after you unlock the passcode. However, it will be necessary to open.

Read more: How Unlock iPhone with broken screen.

Pros and Cons of TunesKit iPhone Unlocker


  • Easy to use in any case for non-professionals.
  • Applicable to all iOS devices and iOS formats.
  • Effectively remove your passcode from iOS devices.
  • Remove a wide range of passwords such as numbers, letters, face ID or touch ID.
  • Available for Windows and Macintosh devices.


All your information will be cleaned after deleting the passcode.

Final thought

If your phone has a passcode fortress, TunesKit Unlock iPhone It is the perfect arrangement. TunesKit iPhone Unlocker is an excellent way to get rid of the passcode and access your device. It is not difficult to use and can be completed in minutes.

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