I did not interfere in the affairs of the state government – Sultana Al-Zahira
I did not interfere in the affairs of the state government – Sultana Al-Zahira

I did not interfere in the affairs of the state government – Sultana Al-Zahira

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Sultana Terengganu Sultana Nur Zahira today told the Kuala Lumpur High Court that Her Majesty has never interfered in the running of the state government and was not aware of the establishment of the Terengganu Investment Board (TIA) and the entity known as 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Sultana Noor Zahira, who testified online at the trial against Sarawak Report editor Claire Rhocastle Brown and two others, said Rycastle-Brown’s allegations in The Sarawak Report-The Inside Story of the 1MDB Expose portrayed her as an influencer. As well as having the power to influence the Terengganu state government.

“The allegations made now are the main reason… that I mentioned is the ‘Sultan’s wife’ and she is me… and I confirm that I don’t know anything about TIA, 1MDB, its founding and everything.

“This is because I have never interfered in the affairs of the state government…in fact I have never,” he said during questioning by attorney Amerik Sidhu who represented Riocastle Brown, publisher Gerakbudaya Enterprise Chong Ton Sin and printer Vinlin Press. Bhd. Sdn.

Sultana Nur Zahira was also seen as very emotional when lawyer Vishnu Kumar asked her how her reputation had been affected by the book’s publication.

“This book was written in the year 2018 and at that time, Jho Low was classified as a wanted person by the police and most importantly I did not interfere in the affairs of the Terengganu State administration. I do not interfere. My duty as a wife to my husband is His Majesty the Sultan of Terengganu.

“Apart from my official duties, I am a housewife. I take care of my children. Anyone in my situation would feel the way I did when my name suddenly entered this controversial book. No one at the time wanted to be associated with Jhu Lu given what he did with this.” Country “.

Earlier, Sultana Noor Zahira said she did not know why Riocastle Brown would need to be linked with Jho Low.

“I was also surprised, and I never knew her, so why did she have to write ‘The Sultan’s Wife’ in the book. I’m not a politician. Does he want to sell books for profit in order to discredit someone?” His Majesty said.

Sultana Nour Zahira said the lawsuit was filed because Riocastle Brown insulted her in the book.

“This book is not a story book, a book of fairy tales. This book must tell the truth, the corrupt practices that happen in Malaysia. I consider it defamatory because I don’t know him. He is a famous writer but he called my name ‘The Sultan’s Wife.’ He said, ‘This is not true..’ This is a mistake”.

Sultana Nur Zuhaira also disagreed with the defendant’s lawyer’s suggestion that Her Majesty’s reputation was not affected by a correction to the publication of the second edition of the book in September 2018 which replaced the phrase ‘Sultan’s wife’ with ‘sister’. from the sultan. (Reference to Sultan Mizan’s aunt, Tunku Datuk Rahima).

“The first edition of the book” The Sultan’s Wife ” was sold all over the world. So with him not to apologize sincerely and announce it as his advertisement in major newspapers and social media.

“… he went on to make a second edition and changed it to ‘Sister of the Sultan’ with a sense of innocence. Just follow him, he wants to write the word ‘wife’, he writes the word ‘wife’ and when the book sells well and becomes controversial, he writes ‘sister’ too “.

Sultana Nur Zahira, who filed the suit on 21 November 2018, alleged that the defamatory statement implied, among other things, Her Majesty’s involvement in corrupt practices and interference with the running of the Terengganu State Government as well as using her status to influence. Creation of TIA, later known as 1MDB.

Sultana Noor Zahira also claimed that the statement meant that she helped fugitive businessman Jo Low or Low Taek Juhu become a TIA advisor.

His Majesty the King demands general compensation of 100 million Malaysian ringgit from each accused, also asks the publisher to withdraw the book containing the defamatory statement and asks the printer to stop printing the book.

The hearing before Judicial Commissioner Dr. John Lee Keen How @ Mohd Johan Lee continues on Thursday.

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