I don’t just love you, I like you

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My growing child, my heart often aches when I look at how old you are. You are no longer a child, you are a complete child. You are who you are, with your thoughts and feelings. You have your own friendships and interests.

Parts of me know you don’t need me the same, but deep down I know you need me all. And I realize that in all these changes, my love for you is also like.

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Because we can now connect in a whole new way. The scales have shifted from somewhat less practical caregiving to more and even more connectedness. We can have deeper conversations, play games together, watch movies, and have more common interests.

I have always loved you more than words, from the moment I knew it was you, but I also love you because you are.

I love to be with you. I love getting creative with you. I like to try new things together. I love challenging ourselves. I love the character you developed. I love watching you travel the world and help guide you as you share your light.

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My dear, I love you and I adore you. And maybe in each new phase I will still be a little sad about the one that passed, but I won’t be afraid to grow up anymore because I’m excited about all that’s to come.

Because I’m not a petite, I don’t just love you, I like you.

Hannah Derth

Hannah is a Christian, wife and mother. On her page and blog, ‘Gently Shattered by Hannah Derth’, she writes about faith, motherhood, and more, trying to show our Father’s grace even in our brokenness, and especially in our brokenness.

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