Indosat Latest Cheap 4G Internet Package 2022
Indosat Latest Cheap 4G Internet Package 2022

Indosat Latest Cheap 4G Internet Package 2022

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Latest cheap internet packages from Indosat 4G 2020 – Then, we have previously discussed many internet packages from XL, Simpati and 3, so this time we will be discussing internet packages from Indosat. Indosat itself is located in Jadang Jadang, the second largest cellular operator in Indonesia after Telecomel. This is obviously undeniable given that Indosat operator signals can be found in various places, and this is also the strength of Indosat in competing with many other cellular providers in Indonesia.

Indosat Card is one of the most used ISP in the country. This cannot be separated from the consumer satisfaction of Indosat, which is known to offer cheap internet packages and big bets, especially Indosat, it also offers many attractive features in its internet packages. Indosat 3 also offers Internet package options such as daily, weekly and monthly Internet packages.

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With the many facilities offered by Indosat, do not be surprised if Indosat is one of the largest service providers in Indonesia. Indosat, which has now merged with the telecommunications company Ooredredo of Qatar. Indosat’s enduring relationship with Ooredoo will surely show its fangs with its many new internet package options. In addition, Indosat also provides Internet package services with a choice of high-speed 2G, 3G and 4G connections.

To enjoy the features of the 4G service from Indosat, you must ensure that the smartphone you are using supports 4G internet access. Playing on 4G internet connection, of course, my friend will easily enjoy various internet content from watching videos, playing games online or even just a simple brochure in cyberspace. So this time, we are going to share the information regarding the price of the latest Indosat Internet Package 2019 which can be a recommendation when you buy the Indosat Internet Package.

List of Latest Cheap Internet Packages 4G Indosat 2020

Indosat package price

Indosat is here to cater to consumers’ needs for packet data services. Indosat’s signal quality is one of the best in Indonesia and this is obviously inseparable from its wide coverage all over Indonesia, and don’t forget that Indosat also offers several physical coupon packages that you can buy from many of the already scattered Indosat dealers. Below is the full price of the latest Indosat package.

Daily Yellow Internet Package

  • Internet package pricing mechanism is active
  • 1 GB Share 1 normal day 1 GB + Rs. Auto-renewal. 2500
  • 2 GB one day sharing 500 MB + 1.5 GB night sharing + automatic renewal. 2000
  • 3 GB Standard 1 Day Sharing 1 GB + 2 GB Night Sharing + Auto Extension 3500 rupees

Yellow internet package 3 days

  • Internet package pricing mechanism is active
  • 1 GB Share 3 days Normal 1 GB + Auto-renewal from 4500 rupees
  • Quota 2 GB 3 days Normal 500 MB + Night class 1.5 GB + Automatic renewal Rp4,000
  • 3 GB class 3 normal days 1 GB + night class 2 GB + auto-renewal Rp6.000

Yellow Weekly Package

  • Internet package pricing mechanism is active
  • 1 GB Standard 7 Days 1 GB + Auto Renew Rs 9000
  • Quota 2 GB 7 days Normal 500 MB + Night quota 1.5 GB + Automatic IDR 8000. renewal
  • Quota 3 GB 7 Days Regular 1 GB + Night Quota 2 GB + Auto Renew IDR 10,000

Yellow Package is Indosat’s latest Internet package for IM3 Ooredoo users. The different facilities that you can get from one of them is to access all 2G, 3G and 4G networks at full speed and prices start from 2000/day. This package is also available in 3 options, which are daily, 3 days and weekly. For the same purchase mechanism, you can reach *123*111#. In addition to the mechanism that benefits consumers, Indosat internet package price 2019 is also claimed to be one of the friendliest internet packages among other operators.

Indosat Internet Freedom Package

  • Internet package pricing mechanism is active
  • FREEDOM 3 GB (25 GB total) 30 days Normal 3 GB + 18 GB Night quota + 4 GB (4G) + 1 GB Bonus (Purchase on MyIM3) + 18 GB Night quota + IDR 55,000 PULSA secure
  • FREEDOM 5GB (total 32GB) 30 Days Regular Renewal 5GB + 18GB Overnight + 3GB (4G) + Bonus 3GB (Purchase on MyIM3) + 22GB Residency Registration + Price List Secure IDR 65000
  • FREEDOM 9 GB (total 30 GB) 30 Day Regular 9 GB + Night Lot 22 GB + 5 GB (4G) + 5 GB (Buy from MyIM3) + Night Lot 16GB + PULSA SAFE Rp. 75000
  • 20 GB (total 35 GB) 30 days Normal 20 GB + 10 GB Night share + 5 GB (4G) + 3 GB Bonus (Purchase on MyIM3) + 10 GB for overnight bets + IDR 110,000

Indosat Internet Freedom Package is a data access service that allows users to obtain Internet access services on the Indosat network with various facilities.

My friends who want to buy Indosat internet packages can buy them by accessing *123# or if you want it easier and get a bigger quota, Indusat friends of my card users have to get myIM3 app which you can install on Playstore. In terms of the convenience that Indosat offers, it definitely makes consumers choose Indosat as their cellular operator of choice.

Speed ​​Booster Internet Package

  • Internet package pricing mechanism is active
  • 1 GB Normal Monkey Speed ​​Booster 1 GB IDR 5000
  • Additional Share + 5 GB Cache 1 GB Regular + 4 GB Night Share + 1 GB Rs
  • Extra share + 10 GB 3 GB regular cash + 7 GB Night share + 3 GB rupees
  • Additional share + 15 GB, regular 5 GB cash + 10 GB Night share + 5 GB 40000 rupees

The following internet packages are perfect for my friends who have bought a monthly internet package or Freedom and sold it early. Where is the price of the Indosat internet package 2019, this time the prices are cheap. Apart from cheap friends, you will be able to access the internet with many prizes ranging from Night Posts to other no less fun prizes, the prizes offered by Indosat are very big as much as 5GB.

Likewise, reviewing the latest Indosat Internet package prices can be useful for those who wish to purchase Internet packages offered by Indosat. Do not forget that the above package prices can change at any time as per Indosat policy. For those of you who do not have the myIM3 app, download it directly from the Playstore to get some attractive prizes offered by Indosat during the promotion.


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