Invalid api key code on pre-employment card?  Here’s how to beat it
Invalid api key code on pre-employment card? Here’s how to beat it

Invalid api key code on pre-employment card? Here’s how to beat it

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Invalid api key token Hello friends, all of you! This time, Mimin will share completely different information from the previous articles. Well, in this article, I will review the invalid Api Key code on a pre-employment card. So, for those of you who participated in the pre-employment training card selection yesterday and experienced the Api Invalid Key Token issue. Check out the full review below.

Previously, Mimin congratulated those who passed the fourth selection of the pre-employment card. However, for those of you who have not graduated, do not be discouraged because you can try to participate in the pre-employment card selection in the next wave, which is wave 5 or 6.

Results of the fourth batch of pre-employment card selection Yesterday, several participants successfully passed and received credits as well as pre-employment card numbers on the dashboard. But unfortunately, many participants complained about invalid Api Key code on the pre-employment card when they wanted to purchase a pre-employment training package.

So, for those of you who are facing issues like this, don’t worry as many other participants are experiencing Invalid Key Token Api issues on their pre-employment cards. Therefore, I will explain it fully in this article. Here is a full explanation.

How to bypass invalid API key code in pre-employment card

After following the stages of the pre-employment card selection process, Wave 4 and finally passing it. Of course, this is good news, especially since the balance of 1 million rupees has been entered in the dashboard.

But unfortunately the credit cannot be used because when you want to buy a pre-employment training package, the api code on the pre-employment card is invalid. This means that the pre-employment card cannot be used to purchase pre-employment training.

This problem makes the participants panic and of course worried that the entered credit cannot be used. So how do we solve it? Well, the administrator will explain why the Api key code in the pre-employment card is not valid.

From the Instagram account info the Api Key code is invalid in the pre-employment card on August 19, 2020 because I am able to buy the training starting from August 20, 2020. So my friend has to be patient and can try again with the pre-code card API key. After opening the pre-employment card training.

How long does it take to assess the fifth card before hiring?

There are 7 stages to go through in the pre-employment card evaluation. All of these stages, of course, take a long time. So you have to be patient while waiting for the results of the pre-employment card assessment.

In the previous article, Mimin shared information about how long it takes to assess a full pre-employment card. Now, for those who want to be more clear about how long a pre-employment card assessment will take, please visit the following article “How long is a pre-employment assessment”.

How to choose pre-employment card training

The pre-employment card is one of the latest government programs to train the skills of job seekers or those who are already employed. With this pre-employment program, it is hoped that he can improve the quality and work skills of Indonesian citizens.

Well, this is definitely not a joke and considered trivial. So, tips on how to choose pre-employment card training, please choose a training venue that suits your skills and talents.

This way you can participate in pre-employment training for maximum skills and hone them according to your desired field.

The last word

This is the information that Mimin can share on this occasion regarding the invalid Api Key code on the pre-employment card. Thank you and I hope what I have shared here will be of use to the loyal readers of

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