Is Paradise Highway a true story?  Is the movie based on real life?
Is Paradise Highway a true story? Is the movie based on real life?

Is Paradise Highway a true story? Is the movie based on real life?

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‘Paradise Highway’ is a crime drama that follows the story of a woman tasked with delivering a package. When she discovers that the expulsion is in fact a young girl victim of trafficking, she begins to reconsider her actions. This is a problem for her, as well as for her brother, because now the police and traffickers are after them.

Written and directed by Anna Goto, the film highlights some dark but important issues. It doesn’t hold back on showing how disgusting the situation can be for trafficked children, while also highlighting the people who work tirelessly to help them. With such serious themes, it makes one wonder how close the movie is to reality. Are you based on real events? Let’s find out.

Is Paradise Highway a true story?

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No, “Paradise Road” is not based on a true story, but rather is based on real events. It is an original story written by Anna Goto. She started developing the idea nearly a decade ago before turning it into a movie, which came to her from something she experienced as a teen. “It turns out there was a brothel in my friend’s building. And that was a good side of town, and it really shocked me.” The fact that this was something going on around the corner made her think about all the things that go unnoticed or how people choose to ignore them sometimes.

As time passed, the idea persisted in her mind, and Goto also became aware of many things related to the subject, especially the fact that people in such places were not only trafficked foreigners, but it was also happening in homes. level. I decided to bring this topic to the fore, and stir up talk about human trafficking and its impact on people. So, I started coming up with a story of a girl who managed to find her way out of the place. “It’s often very difficult for these girls or boys to get out. Not because they are in chains, but because they lack the resources themselves, or because of the fear they have. So, I kind of wanted to tell a story about someone who had the power to escape,” Goto said. .

By the time the idea had developed a bit, she had received some advice from Paul Schrader that turned the story in a different direction. Goto had already considered using truck stops as a story location when Schrader showed her a YouTube video about female truck drivers to see if there was a character for her movie. I researched more about it and got in touch with female truck drivers, listening to their personal experiences and their lives on the road. Some of the dialogues from these conversations were also used in the film.

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I was deeply inspired by their stories and gained a lot of respect for them, especially given that they were working in a truly male-dominated industry, working in challenging environments, while also addressing their own personal traumas and problems. “I thought, this is just strength, I mean, it’s so beautiful. And there is something so wonderful about people surviving difficult circumstances. It just shows strength in people, you know? So, it inspired me so much,” she said. This eventually led her to write the story from Sally’s perspective.

While “Paradise Highway” became the story of two people who went through some very bad things in their childhood, Gutto didn’t want it to become a story about victims. I find that victims weaken their power. I do not think that humans are weak. I believe that humans are empowered. I wanted these two characters to reflect each other, but also to spark sophistication in each other. and to allow us to do so and to help us never have pity on them; “I wanted the characters to never pity each other because I never want them to pity,” she added.

Given all of this, it’s fair to say that while Paradise Highway is a fiction, it wasn’t made up out of thin air. With all the research, factual characterizations, and related issues at its heart, the movie is largely grounded in reality and certainly manages to evoke deep emotions in the viewer.

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