Is this the power of the Kamala Khan bracelet in MS Marvel?
Is this the power of the Kamala Khan bracelet in MS Marvel?

Is this the power of the Kamala Khan bracelet in MS Marvel?

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MS series. Marvel Episode 1 introduces a woman named Kamala Khan who has supernatural powers after using a mysterious bracelet. Where did the bracelet come from and how strong was it?

Kamala Khan is described as an Indian of Muslim family origin who moved to America and worships the superhero Captain Marvel.

He and Bruno Carrelli plan to participate in AvengerCon, where Kamala Khan will participate in a competition, cosplay on demand.

When she was about to leave secretly because her family wouldn’t allow it, Kamala Khan also took a mysterious bracelet as a complementary feature for her costume contest.

This is where the whole life of MS Marvel aka Kamal Khan changed. But where did the mysterious Kamala Khan bracelet come from? What is the strength of the bracelet?

Marvel’s MS bracelet may be related to Cree

Geylang Kamala Khan

In the comics, Marvel explained that Kamala Kahan is inhuman and her power comes from Terrigen Mist, a mutagen that turns Kamala Khan into an inhuman.

However, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the series that airs on Disney + Hotstar, whether Kamala Khan is inhuman or still remains unclear.

What is certain, Kamala Khan as MS Marvel obtained this power by accident when using a mysterious bracelet at an AvengerCon party.

The classic looking bracelet featuring a distinctive Indian antiques pattern is a special one for her grandmother who still lives in Pakistan, Aisha.

The Kamala Khan family’s relationship with her grandmother who was not in harmony made the bracelet in the warehouse, like an item he was about to get rid of.

If we pay attention, it is a bracelet that has a very long life, and it seems that it has been owned by the Kamala Khan family for a long time, and it is possible that the bracelet has been basically passed down from generation to generation.

This yellow gold bracelet features a unique, hard-to-read engraving-like pattern that some fans attribute to the Agents of Shield, but that assumption seems wrong.

If we pay attention, the bracelet for grandmother Kamala Khan in MS Marvel has a large carving of the shape of the sun. This image is actually more similar to the mantra that Kree used that appeared in the comics.

The Cree themselves are aliens from the planet Hala in the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Kamala was also very interested in the nasal suggestion of this bracelet, after finding out that the bracelet came from her grandmother, she wanted to know more about her grandmother, then Kamala saw an unknown woman who seemed to be asking for the bracelet.

In the second episode, we learned that the woman who met Kamel in mysterious circumstances was a star, who at the end of the story claimed to be Kamran’s mother.

The power of the MS Marvel bracelet in the MCU

MS Marvel bracelet strength

Although in the comic version, MS Marvel got the power from Terrigen Mist, but in the MCU, he gets the power from a cosmic bracelet that at a certain moment will produce an aura of an amorphous bluish-purple.

But until now it is not known why the bracelet’s crystal power appeared. From what was shown in the second episode, the crystals that come from the bracelet are of varying degrees of hardness, and Kamala Khan has to practice that.

Kamala Khan can use the crystal as a foothold, such as when trying to rescue a child who is about to fall, to attack an opponent.

If we note that the mysterious bracelet used by Kamala Khan is basically similar to the Nega-Band in the comics. But this is just speculation, Marvel itself has not confirmed whether it is a Nega-Band or not.

The Nega-Band is basically a cosmic bracelet that can allow its owner to gain or manifest mental powers.

So it is not rigid, just one strength, and the higher the mental strength of the user, the greater and more powerful one can get with the bracelet.

The Nega-Band was created by the Kree Empire, which was then classified as an Omega-class weapon. This speculation becomes even stronger if we associate it with the sun-shaped emblem on Kamala Khan’s bracelet.

So does the bracelet with MS Marvel have a Nega strap? Just wait for the answer in the upcoming MS Marvel final episode.

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