Jeon Do Yeon & Jung Kyung Ho Starring Release Date Story Preview – 9jaLover
Jeon Do Yeon & Jung Kyung Ho Starring Release Date Story Preview – 9jaLover

Jeon Do Yeon & Jung Kyung Ho Starring Release Date Story Preview – 9jaLover

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Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho Starring Release date and story preview: One Shot Scandal, starring Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho. The creators just announced the news and confirmed the cast of the Korean romantic drama. The show depicts a bittersweet scandal between the warm-blooded boss of a nationally representative side dish shop and the Ilta teacher who rose to stardom in South Korea’s No. 1 private education, against the backdrop of endless competition in Hell, and tells the story of her warm, cold, sweet, and dizzying folks. Let’s find out all the details about the topic here.

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Above all, exceptional actors Jeon Do Yeon and Jung Kyung Ho have confirmed their engagement, and their chemistry is already arousing a lot of interest. Nam Hyang Seon, played by Jeon Do Yeon, is the fiery head of the “National Side Dish Shop,” a former National Athlete who only recently entered the frenetic education market for entrance exams.

One-shot scandal star cast

The cast’s reunion has already grabbed the attention of fans of the upcoming drama. Speaking of characters, Jeon Do Yeon will play Nam Haeing-sun, a former National Athlete who enters the frenetic education market late for entrance exams. She also runs the side dish shop for the national actor with enthusiasm. Although tired of life, Nam Haeng Sun is a tough character who sticks to her guns, believes in her decisions, and refuses to make excuses.

However, after entering the private education industry late, she continued to get involved with Choi Chi Yeol. Jeon Do Yeon has wowed audiences with a number of blockbuster dramas and movies, sparking anticipation for her upcoming turn in “One-Shot Scandal”. Jung Kyung Ho will play Choi Chi Yeol, a well-known coach who was born a genius and also has a hardworking personality. He is full of wealth and fame, not only because of his amazing skills but also because he is a great talker and great at appearances.

However, the high cost of fame is that he can’t stop thinking about it, so he becomes nervous and uninterested in others. The two will share a beautiful and exciting story after meeting Nam Haeing Sun’s spirited and eternally happy. After influencing ‘Hospital Playlist’, ‘Prison Playbook’ and ‘Life on Mars’, fans are looking forward to the next part of Jung Kyung Ho. As we mentioned, the Korean drama featuring the aforementioned actors will be broadcast in 2023. Keep following our site for more such updates and latest news.

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