Joe Exotic Changed Forever After Prison Horror And ‘Targeted For Being Gay’
Joe Exotic Changed Forever After Prison Horror And ‘Targeted For Being Gay’

Joe Exotic Changed Forever After Prison Horror And ‘Targeted For Being Gay’

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Joe Exotic “opened his eyes” while in prison, according to adult testament Tami Springer, who claimed he was targeted because of his sexual orientation.

A former zoo keeper, best known for the successful documentary Tiger King, was convicted in January 2020 of trying to hire two separate men to kill Carol Baskin. I was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Joe (real name Joseph Maldonado Passage) remains innocent, but prosecutors offered secret agents $10,000 to kill Carol, who runs a large cat rescue sanctuary in Florida. He said.

Joe Exotic is now in prison after his January upset

As he continues to fight for freedom, despite having an appeal denied earlier this year, Tami claims that the time he spent behind the bar “changed him forever.” there.

Speaking to Miller, she said, “Joe is a fighter and speaks with his heart.”

She continued, “His eyes are open to corruption within the government and the criminal justice system, including US prisons.

“He has a strong will and deals with it as best he can, but the terror of prison changed it forever. He defeated COVID in prison, he defeated cancer, and now he has order. You have to defeat it and get freedom.”

Tammy claims that Joe was targeted in prison for his sexual activity, and says he was “abused a lot” behind the bar.

I continued. “I recently posted a video on his social media after reading his BOP complaint for a breach that he was overly punished for being completely fake.

Joe Exotic Adult Guardianship Tammy Springer

Tami claims that Joe was a target in prison



“He thinks he is being targeted because he is a perverted lifestyle. Security guards comment negatively on tattooed eyeliner and that he has written a lot. I told him I would make sure of it.

I won’t go into more detail here, but he was abused and abused in prison. If you knew everything, most people would be shocked.”

Mirror Online has contacted the Federal Medical Center where he hosts Joe for comment.

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