June 2022 schedule and prices + nearest agent
June 2022 schedule and prices + nearest agent

June 2022 schedule and prices + nearest agent

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Mount Mulia bus ticket – Jabodetabek residents must be aware of the Gunung Mulia bus.

Moreover, Gunung Mulia Bus has become an integral part of people’s hearts as a means of ground transportation with the best facilities.

This bus has also served the needs of the community for years, so it has been highly trusted by the passengers.

Mount Mulia bus ticket
Mount Mulia bus ticket

Being one of the buses that operates at night, Gunung Mulia buses are often used by nomads who want to go to the capital.

Of course, this is because the ticket prices offered by Gunung Mulia buses are very reasonable and balanced with the facilities offered.

Here, the official will discuss complete information about profiles, classes, routes, facilities and latest Gunung Mulia bus ticket prices.

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About PO Gunung Mulia

Who would have thought that the Gunung Mulia bus started from a garage in Ngadirojo, Nogiri.

This bus is popular among the nomads of Nougiri.

Of course, because there are many advantages to riding this bus to reach your destination.

With a very wide road, Gunung Mulia buses have many routes in the Java island area.

Of course, the quality of the fleet presented is beyond doubt.

This is evidenced by the large number of passengers who flock to this bus at the station.

The bus, matching white and orange, has been paved for more than 30 years since 1986.

Quickly, when the public’s confidence in this bus is high enough.

As proven by the survival of this company in the world of road transport.

Gunung Mulia buses, initially only had two fleets and routes were only inside the city.

However, Gunung Mulia buses now have many routes and fleets.

Hence, passengers do not need to have trouble finding this bus in order to have a cheap mode of transportation with complete facilities.

You can count on Gunung Mulia buses as one of the convenient modes of transportation to reach your destination safely, securely and of course also comfortably.

Mount Mulia bus class

As a top-ranked bus in the world of ground transportation services, Gunung Mulia Bus definitely has classes and facilities that support the security, comfort and safety of passengers.

So, what stakes and facilities will you get when riding the Gunung Mulia Bus?

1. VIP evening class

Gunung Mulia buses have a VIP night class.

This category has a seating arrangement for 2 to 2 passengers so as to provide a more spacious atmosphere.

In addition, this class also has a maximum capacity of 40 passengers. Of course, you will get facilities that support comfort.

2. Executive Evening Class

In addition, Gunung Mulia buses have an executive evening class.

This class has a seating arrangement of 2 to 2 passengers with a very spacious passenger atmosphere.

The maximum capacity of this class is 40 passengers. This category also has full facilities.

Mount Mulia . Bus Facilities

In terms of facilities, Gunung Mulia buses are no longer in doubt.

This is because this bus has such a mature age that you definitely understand what passengers need from time to time.

Below are the facilities of the Gunung Mulia buses that passengers get.

  • Alternating current
  • the toilet
  • My voice
  • video
  • LCD TV
  • reclining seat
  • pillows
  • blanket
  • Leg rest or footrest
  • Snack
  • meal service

Latest Gunung Mulia . Bus Ticket Prices

road bus class Price (Rs.)
Jakarta – Semarang VIP / Executive 165,000 / 220,000
Jakarta – Salatiga VIP / Executive 165,000 / 220,000
Jakarta – solo VIP / Executive 165,000 / 220,000
Jakarta – Karanganyar VIP 165,000
Jakarta – Matsih VIP 165,000
Jakarta – Klatten VIP 165,000
Jakarta – Sukoharjo VIP / Executive 165,000 / 220,000
Jakarta – Nogiri VIP / Executive 165,000 / 220,000
Jakarta – Gatsirono VIP / Executive 165,000 / 220,000
Jakarta – Puruantoro executive 220,000
Jakarta – Sirajin VIP 165,000
Tangerang – solo VIP 165,000
Tangerang – Nogiri VIP 165,000
Tangerang – Purwantoro VIP 165,000
Bogor – Klatten VIP 165,000
Bogor – Semarang – Solo VIP 165,000
Bogor – Nogiri VIP 165,000
Bogor – Burwantoro VIP 165,000

Note: Gunung Mulia bus ticket prices can change at any time without prior notice.

List of Latest Gunung Mulia Bus Agents

On this bus there are many agents that you can contact and visit.

Of course it is easy for you to get information about the Gunung Mulia bus.

Here is a Gunung Mulia Bus agent you can contact:

1. Gunung Mulia Bekasi Bus Agent

  • Address: Bekasi Terminal
  • Tel: 081316996912

2. Gunung Mulia Bogor . Bus Agent

  • Address: Jl. H Agus Brabas Pier Kab. Bogor, West Java
  • Tel: 0251-8423727

3. Mount Mulia Boyolali Bus Agent

  • Address: Jl. Raya Boyolali, Semarang Kringan Village, Cape. Boyolali
  • Tel: 081393147755

4. Mount Mulia Cileungsi Bus Agent

  • Address: Jln Alternative Cibubur Kec. Cileungsi, Cap. Bogor
  • Tel: 021-8233691

5. Gunung Mulia Klaten . Bus Agent

  • Address: Klaten Bus Terminal Jl. Raya Joja Solo Cap. Klatten
  • Tel: 08282701547


This is some important information you should know about Gunung Mulia Bus. It might be useful!

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