Kinds of flowers that can be used as the latest medicine 2022
Kinds of flowers that can be used as the latest medicine 2022

Kinds of flowers that can be used as the latest medicine 2022

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This time the moderator will discuss something that is beautiful but has very beautiful benefits for the health of the human body.

For all readers interested in this topic Kinds of flowers that can be used as the latest medicine 2022.

Certainly not many readers know that flowers in addition to their benefits of perfume seeds, flowers can also be used as medicine.

What types of flowers can readers know about, do not go anywhere and always follow the latest official articles on this topic.

5 types of flowers you should know as medicine and health advocates

Many people think that flowers are only used as an ornament to beautify the home or garden.

Flowers are often given to loved ones as an expression of the feelings of love and affection they feel.

However, it turns out that not only this, the flowers are also often used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of various diseases.

Generally, flowers used as medicine are first processed before they become a tea and can then be taken every day to keep the body healthy.

The variety of nutrients they possess and are found in different types of flowers make them rich in benefits.

Besides being safe for health, different types of flowers are very easy to find and can even be grown at home.

Names and types of flowers and their health benefits

Here are some of the types and benefits that some flowers have, pay attention to the following points:

1. Jasmine flower

The first flowers that can be used as medicine are jasmine, sunflower and rose, these flowers are not only fragrant but also have a number of health benefits.

It can reduce shortness of breath, acne, headache, colitis, swollen eyes, and kidney inflammation.

Jasmine flowers can also be processed and made into a tea that you can drink regularly to keep the body healthy.

2. Shoe flower

The hibiscus flower is the second most colorful flower grown worldwide due to its aesthetic appeal.

Not only for beautifying the garden, hibiscus is also used as a traditional medicine to treat various diseases.

Hibiscus is usually processed into an herbal tea and drunk regularly, and hibiscus contains cyanidin deglucoside, traxyl acetate, hebestin, mucus, and bitter substances.

One study also reports that hibiscus tea is beneficial for lowering blood pressure, controlling cholesterol, and treating cough, malaria fever, tuberculosis, mumps, vaginal discharge, nosebleeds, enteritis, and canker sores to start your period.

3. Butterfly flower

The third flower is on the flower of tilang, and the tilang itself bears the Latin name Clitoria ternatea, a plant whose parts all have functional benefits for the health of the human body.

Flower petals are widely believed to be beneficial as antioxidants, anti-diabetics, anti-obesity, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and protect liver tissue.

Many biologically active components are found in the flower of telang, which loves lipids and water, and among these bioactive components are flavonoids, glycosides, anthocyanins, flavonoids, flavanols, phenolic acids, terpenoids and alkaloids.

4. Cambodian flowers

The fourth type of flower used in medicine is the frangipani planted similarly in this tomb, and now many elite homes use it as an ornamental plant.

Frangipani flowers whose mucilage leaves contain many chemical compounds including polymers, serotoninic acid, plumerides, and agoniadines.

These chemical compounds can be used in the treatment of many diseases such as treating toothache, ulcers, swollen feet, reducing fever, and cough medicine.

5. Roses

The last type of flower used in medicine is the rose. This flower is often referred to as a symbol of love, and not only that, but it turns out that this flower is also good for consumption.

Not without reason, but roses contain citrate, citronellol, nonylaldehyde, linalool, geraniol, eugenol, and nerol.

In addition to beauty, consuming roses can facilitate menstruation, treat vaginal discharge, measles, colitis, rheumatism, headaches, and other skin health.

Well, above there are several types of roses that readers can all know for their use as medicine. In addition, some of the above types of interest can also be used as economic affairs and additional income for all readers.

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