La Dama Velata: How many bets do you have?
La Dama Velata: How many bets do you have?

La Dama Velata: How many bets do you have?

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How many bets does La Dama Velata have

how many bets make up The veiled lady? D July 31, 2022Come upstairs Rai 1 Imagination with Myriam Leon and Lino Guialelli. to share Training storyset in Trieste in the late nineteenth century, which combines melodrama and mystery. The veiled lady Consists of 12 episodes For six early evenings.

La Dama Velata episodes, how long do they last

Now that we know the number of bets it consists of The veiled lady, we immediately find out its duration. Each appointment, consisting of two episodes of approximately 50 minutes each, has a total duration of approximately 100 minutes. The two heroes are played by Myriam Lyon (1992And the 1993And the 1994And the the doctorsAnd the Diabolic) e linen pillow (survivorsAnd the weAnd the red doorAnd the To Rome with love).

From left: Lino Guili (Guido Fossa) and Myriam Leon (Clara Grande) in a scene from “La Dama Velata.” Credits: Ray.

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