Light orange color formula, leaves the color very beautiful!
Light orange color formula, leaves the color very beautiful!

Light orange color formula, leaves the color very beautiful!

Posted on – ROMOS Lightroom Orange – This time in Teknohow we are going to share the orange color combination for free and it is very easy to follow. The effect created by the Lightroom Orange Tone formula is interesting.

This orange preset is great for any type of photo that uses the primary colors of the photographs for easy editing. Orange gives a classy, ​​warm and inviting impression just by looking at it.

This contrasts with the celebgram lightroom formula which focuses on the angle at which you capture your photo as attractively as possible so that the photo looks as captivating as a celebgram.

If the adjustment does not turn orange, it is because the base color of the image is not natural. This is because the default colors in Lightroom editing are mixed with the new colors.

ROMOS Lightroom Orange
ROMOS Lightroom Orange

Teknohow always shares premium lighting presets for free and is always easy to follow. Oh yeah, this lightroom tutorial is made with lightroom android/mobile. Because it is easier to use than the PC version.

This light orange color formula can be used for any subject. Because this preset is very pleasing to the eye. His demeanor is cheerful, warm and not very flashy. So the orange preset can be selected in photo editing.

With lightroom mobile app you can get it for free from play store. Even with Lightroom’s free features, you can edit your photos to get the best results.

If you are using a low-cost phone with 1GB of RAM, we recommend 4.1.1 or lower so that you can use the app smoothly and comfortably without any hiccups.

Tutorial Edit Foto Lightroom Orange Tone Mobile

Before we get into the orange photo editing tutorial, I want to stress that the base color of the photo is definitely different, so you’ll need to reset it to maximize the result.

The image I’m using here is the natural color of the image, so it will be very easy to manipulate later. No doubt, this Lightroom mode is good to try.

This bright orange tutorial is focused on mobile lighting room users because it is more practical and easy to use. You can use this preset for a variety of light-colored images.

ROMOS Lightroom Orange Tone Mobile

First, go to the Lightroom app. Upload the photo you want to edit, we recommend using an external photo to make the orange tones look brighter and cooler when you see them later.


Light orange light fixture
Light orange light fixture

If you get into the LIGHT menu, here are the settings:

  • Exposure: 0.12EV
  • Contrast: 16
  • Highlights: -25
  • Shades: 45
  • Eggs: -70
  • Blacks: -15

Once in curve mode, you can proceed as shown or navigate by yourself for maximum results.

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the color

If you get into the COLOR menu, here are the settings:

  • Temperature: 8
  • Shade: 8
  • Vitality: 21
  • Saturation: 4


Light orange effect combination
Light orange effect combination

If you get into the effect menu, here are the settings:

  • Texture: 20
  • Clarity: 16
  • Tremor: 14
  • Vignatte: 1


The image I used had a light background color, so I increased the exposure a little more to 0.12EV to bring out the orange effect even more. The Orange Tone preset should look bright, but don’t over-light it as it will make your photo look ugly.

ROMOS Lightroom Orange Tone V2.0

The Lightroom Orange Tone formula is very popular among the public. So, let’s add the cool orange light room formula. You can follow the lightroom formula below.


  • Exposure: 0.00 EV
  • Contrast: 25
  • Highlights: 50
  • Shades: 10
  • Eggs: 45
  • Blacks: -15

the color

  • Temperature: 4
  • Shade: 0
  • Vitality: 30
  • Saturation: 10

color combination

the color Tinge saturation luminescent
orange -40 15th
yellow -100 50 20
Green color -100 100
Aqua -100


  • Texture: 35
  • Clarity: -10
  • Tremor: 10
  • Vignette: -15
  • Midpoint: 50
  • Feather: 50

Split Ton

h s

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Teknohow confirms that the Orange Tone preset can be used as a reference to create a Lightroom Orange Tone formula. You can develop this orange preset much better than the above tutorial.

This is just an example to help you create a nice preset for the orange color, but you need to be careful with the images you use because the base color is different for each image. Therefore, it must be readjusted.

For those new to the Lightroom mobile app, we’ve also created an easy-to-follow Lightroom Beginners Tutorial.


This is a tutorial review ROMOS Lightroom Orange that you can follow. Thanks for visiting teknohow. Stay tuned for more interesting articles about Lightroom. I’ll see you later…

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