Location, route, facilities and ticket prices
Location, route, facilities and ticket prices

Location, route, facilities and ticket prices

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Wisatakuliner.id – Hello travel friends, on this occasion we will provide information about tourist attractions Pucung . waterfall In Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special District.

Bantul Regency actually has many beautiful and amazing tourist destinations suitable for travel. One of the destinations in Bantul is Grojogan Pucung.

Pucung Grojogan Waterfall is a waterfall in the middle of a dense forest, so not many people know about this waterfall.

The water in Grojogan Pucung is still very clear and flowing fast and the flow is very stable as it comes directly from the spring above.

In this site, the lush trees are very green and make this site very beautiful like a very beautiful panoramic painting. The view from Grojogan Pucung looks interesting with the features of a gradient waterfall.

The highest waterfall is about 15 meters wide in the form of a wide waterfall that immediately falls.

At the bottom there is a small pool, about seven meters in diameter, that can be used as a place to swim or take a shower. The state of the rocks at Grojogan Pucung is white because the rocks here are flat limestone.

Visitors can go to this tourist area during the dry season and the rainy season is very suitable and it makes no difference because the current water flow remains stable and does not dry up even in the dry season.

Many visitors swim here because the water is so clear and fresh. And for those who are not good at swimming, visitors can sit and play in the water on the surrounding pristine rocks.

Pukung Grooves also has some great sites. So visitors not only enjoy the freshness of the water and the surrounding scenery but are also satisfied with the pictures with the beautiful background of the groove.

Grojogan Pucung is also popularly used for pre-wedding photos due to its charming background.

Grojogan Pucung . website

Grojogan Pucung . Waterfall Tour

The location of Grojogan Pucung is good and it is easy for visitors to go to Grojogan Pucung.

Upon reaching the parking area, visitors still have to walk through an uphill dirt road to reach the Grojogan Pucung site.

However, the location of Grojogan Pucung is very far from the center of Yogyakarta. The address of Grojogan Pucung is specifically located at Pucung Hamlet, Seloharjo Village, Pundong Province, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta Special District.

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The road to Grojogan Pucung

The road to Grojogan Pucung

Easy access to the road to Grojogan Pucung. If you go from downtown Yogyakarta to the east via Jalan Secodiningratan, you will come to the southern crossroads of Brigjend Katamso.

Then continue straight west to Jalan Majind Sotoyo, at the crossroads south towards Jalan Barangtrites, then continue following Jalan Barangtrites until you come to a fork in the south to Jalan Mangon Negoro.

Then continue straight to Jalan Bundung, until the T Junction goes west to Jalan Kretek Selok, then follow the road until you reach Grojugan Pokong.

The distance from central Yogyakarta to Grojogan Pucung is quite far, which is about 25.2 kilometers and the normal travel time for motorized vehicles from central Yogyakarta to Grojogan Pucung is about one hour.


Pucung Grojogan tourist area does not have adequate facilities yet.

Here there are only a few wicker long chairs for comfort and sitting around visitors.

Although the facilities here are still minimal, around the Grojogan Pucung site there are still local baths for visitors to use.

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Pucung Grojogan ticket prices and parking

Pucung Grojogan ticket prices and parking

Because this tourist attraction is still managed by the local community, in this case the Karangtaruna youth as well as the surrounding community.

So in this area, there is no official fee to enter or stand for the Pucung Grojogan Tour. In return, visitors will pay an honest fee to develop Grojogan Pucung Tourist Area.

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Well, this was complete information about the Grojogan Pucung tourist attraction. For those of you who are vacationing in Jogjakarta, you should include Grojogan Pucung in your visit list.

Thank you for reading our article, see you in our next article and always keep it clean wherever you are traveling.

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