Magic and muscle will get anime adaptation
Magic and muscle will get anime adaptation

Magic and muscle will get anime adaptation

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The anime community has been spoiling us lately. First, there was the announcement of Hunter X Hunter returning from a long hiatus, then the second season of Tokyo Revengers was announced, as well as the reveal of the anime adaptations of My Home Hero and Trigun Stampede. There is so much to keep anime fans happy, and now we have Word from a highly reliable leaker Spanku_u That Mashle: Magic and Muscles is also getting an anime adaptation.

Mashle is a popular name in the anime community thanks to the great manga written and drawn by Hajime Komoto. The adventure and fantasy manga series began its original track in January 2020, and is currently in its eleventh volume. Now that Mashle: Magic and Muscles is being appreciated by fans around the world, it seems that the creators are ready for the anime’s debut.


The rumors come from a trusted Twitter account known for providing anime and manga-related leaks. The account follows some of the popular news and leaks providers like ShonenlixAnd the Anime news and factsAnd the AnimeHype, and more. So we have good reason to believe this is legit.

The rumors reinforce the news regarding an upcoming big announcement related to the manga. Manga Mogura RE account, a great news provider for anime and manga, says the announcement will come in the upcoming Shounen Jump release, serialized on July 4, 2022. With the new release, the manga will enter its final arc.

What is Mashle: Magic and Muscles About?

Mashle is set in a fantasy world where a magical skill determines a person’s standing in society. On the other hand, Mash Berndid was born without magic. He decides to live a peaceful life with his adoptive father, Regro, who doesn’t enjoy magic himself. Mash tries to push his limits to become a divine visionary, a title given only to the chosen few. Despite having no magical powers, Mash joins the greatest magical school to fulfill his dream.

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