Make it easy for users to buy tickets on KRL, Gojek launches GoTransit
Make it easy for users to buy tickets on KRL, Gojek launches GoTransit

Make it easy for users to buy tickets on KRL, Gojek launches GoTransit

Posted on, Jakarta Gojek continues to facilitate users’ access to various transportation services. One of them is the launch of the GoTransit feature for the Commuterline KRL ticket purchase service.

Through a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday (22/6/2022), Indonesian Head of Sales and Ops Gojek, Catherine Sughiyo, explained that many Gojek users continue their journey with Commuterline KRL.

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“One and two Gojek users used GoCar and GoRide for the purpose of public transportation services like KRL to continue their journey,” he said.

Seeing this phenomenon, Gojek has finally integrated the services by introducing the GoTransit feature in the app.

“The GoTransit feature helps users easily purchase Commuterline KRL tickets directly from the Gojek app,” said Catherine.

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Catherine hopes that with this feature, Gojek users who want to continue their train journey can purchase tickets directly from the Gojek app.

This feature was actually introduced in May 2022, and so far it has become one of the user’s favorite features. It is also known that the increase in use is up to 20 times.

Chatrin also hopes that the GoTransit feature will be more accessible and could increase the attractiveness of Gojek users to ride KRL.

He hoped that “this convenience is expected to increase user convenience and loyalty, so that many users are interested in using KRL transportation.”

The GoTransit feature itself was created based on a collaboration between Gojek and PT Kereta Commuter Indonesia, or KCI.

According to the head of PT KCI, Roppiq Lutzhi Azhar, the cooperation between Gojek and KCI through the GoTransit feature will help KRL passengers from Jabodetabek. Because every day, KRL passengers reach 1.2 million passengers per day from all stations.

“This collaboration will provide benefits to KRL passengers and can expand our reach to invite people to use public transportation,” Rubik added.

In the meantime, GoTransit will continue to expand its features. Gojek and KCI are preparing several additional features to make it easier for Gojek users or KRL passengers.

“We are preparing technological innovations so that people can buy tickets online to gatherso that it is more practical and economical, [NM/IF]

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