Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 991
Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 991

Man’s Decree Novel Chapter 991

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Chapter 991 Try it

“W-what’s going on?”

Everyone was surprised. They waved their hands, but their martial energies were wasted, effectively making them ordinary people.

Warren abs. He clenched his fists, but the martial energy within him was also suppressed, and there was no way to take advantage of it.

“I believe this is a mysterious group designed to suppress our combat energy,” Blake explained.

“Is there any way to destroy this mysterious group?” Warren asked.

With their martial energy suppressed, there was no way to open the coffin. This in turn meant that they could not check to see if there was any treasure inside.

Blake shook his head and replied, “A mysterious group this size is beyond me. It also has a mountain that supports it and a river that strengthens it. This means that only a great mage can create something like this. If my guess is correct, then this is the legendary Dragon Vein that previous emperors talked about.”

“The Dragon’s Vein?” Warren asked curiously.

He didn’t know anything about this kind of thing, so he had no idea what Blake was talking about.

“In the past, the royal family would ask powerful magicians to find a spot known as the Dragon Vein. It is said that the place could be used to bring prosperity to the country. There is no telling what an emperor found this dragon or when this tomb was built,” Blake replied.

Warren didn’t understand what was going on after Blake explained everything. The former was a little reluctant to let go of this coffin, but they had all lost their fighting energies. Hence, they had no way of approaching the coffin and could only go back the way they came. I guess this trip isn’t a complete waste even though I got this plate.

“Let’s go back in time back then. We have already found the coffin and there is no way to open it anyway, so this will be the end of the trial.”

Warren had no choice but to issue the order and end the trial.

Many were disappointed because they assumed that they could obtain so many magical items from the Emperor’s Tomb. However, in the end, they would leave empty-handed. All they got was a plaque… which Edgar had already claimed.

But since Warren had already given his instructions, everyone had to obey her. There was no point in staying anyway because they couldn’t do anything without their martial energy.

Just as Warren was about to lead the others, Kai suddenly stepped up.

“Hold it over there! Do you really think you can leave after stealing my things?”

Kai smiled as a cruel glint flashed before his eyes.

When the mysterious array was triggered and everyone’s combat energy was restricted, Kai tried to make use of his strength. To his surprise, he was not affected.

Kai had never used martial energy and only used spiritual energy. That was why he was immune to the mysterious array.

Now that everyone’s martial energy was suppressed, Warren and the others were nothing more than ordinary people, and Kai no longer needed to fear them. It was a perfect opportunity to get his paintings back.

“Kai, what are you trying to do?” Edgar called when he turned to Kai.

“Retrieve my plate, of course.”

Once Kai finished speaking, he made his way to Edgar.

“My martial energy may be suppressed, but you are no better off, Kai. If you attack, we can all band together and beat you to death!”

Edgar wasn’t worried at all. His martial energy might be suppressed, but he was confident that Kai was in an equally bad situation. This means that there is no reason to be afraid of the man at all.

“Is that right? Then why don’t you give it a try?”

Kai stepped forward and grabbed the board with ease.

Edgar was surprised. Kai punched, but that punch was completely physical. There was no martial energy either helping her or strengthening her at all.


Edgar’s punch landed on Kai’s chest, but Kai did not budge. A second later, Edgar’s painful cry resounded.

Pain seemed to spread throughout his body, and Edgar felt as if he had just punched a block of steel.


Kai slapped Edgar, causing the latter’s body to fly through the air like a vortex before crashing into the wall a second later.

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