Mistming a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 1797
Mistming a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 1797

Mistming a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 1797

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Chapter 1797 must be a trap

“Come with me, Mister Felch. Hurry up!”

Keri dragged Francesca worriedly.

“What or what? Hey! Wait…”

Francesca was immediately brought into the next room.

At this very moment, Danriki was sitting on the sofa with his back facing her, unbuttoning his shirt one by one.

Shawn placed an ice bag on his boss’s forehead, and called out to Francesca upon seeing her. “Doctor. Felch! Come here. Mr. Lindbergh has another fever.”

Francesca walked to his knees in front of Danrik, and began to examine his wound.

Danrik stopped unbuttoning his shirt and stared at her with furrowed brows.

The woman was only wearing a bathrobe, her hair still wet. Water droplets can be seen hanging down her neck.

The sight of it all seemed somewhat suggestive.

Danrik quickly avoided his gaze. “Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?” Student.

Francesca froze for a moment, not sure how to respond. “Who said I’m not wearing any clothes? Aren’t I in a bathrobe?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Lindberg. I was so nervous that I dragged Mr. Felch like that,” Kerry explained.

“Go back to your room and put some clothes on – Argh!”

Before Danric could finish, Francesca tore off the bandages covering his wound. The sudden pain caused him to scream and stiffen.

“You are!”

The man gritted his teeth. I will kill her!

“I am trying to treat you, not throw myself at you.” “Don’t get the wrong idea,” Francesca commented bluntly without looking.

She kept her eye on the man’s injury and fixed it.

Anger burned in Danrik’s eyes as his face turned red with anger.

Shawn sighed inwardly as he watched the ordeal. Mr. Lindbergh has always been sober, but he seems to have lost his temper a lot lately. I have to admit that this woman really does have some guts.

I managed to get rid of Mr. Lindberg every day, but he hasn’t done anything to get rid of her yet.

The wound was quickly treated, and Francesca stood up to touch Danric’s forehead. “You have a fever. Wipe your body with a hot towel and then go to sleep. I will bring your medicine.”

With that, she returned to her room.

Two maids quickly followed her.

Keri was just about to wipe Danrik’s body when the latter took the hot towel from her. “I’ll do it myself. Get out.”

“Yes sir.” Keri meekly did what was said.

Francesca was puzzled to see her leave the room. “Why don’t you take care of him?”

“I’m not allowed,” Keri replied in a calm tone.

“why not?”

The woman looked into the room and lowered her voice even more. “Mr. Lindbergh does not like being touched by girls.”

“Huh?” Francesca’s eyes widened in surprise. “But maids always have trouble looking after him on the mountains.”

“Yes, but the six of them are all women over fifty and have raised him since he was a child. Kerry explained that other maids are not allowed into his room.


Francesca was surprised. I didn’t expect him to have such rules. No wonder he’s always so wary of me.

What if it was actually…

Her lips trembled, and Francesca hurriedly returned to her room to prepare Danric’s medicine.

Meanwhile, in Danrique’s private room, Shawn gave his boss another towel and commented, “Mr. Lindberg, I think there’s something really strange about Dr. Felch.”

“Do you think so too?” Danrick looked at him.

“It’s like she’s always on purpose on purpose. Do you think she’s planning something—like what we always see on TV?” Shaun thought. “You know, like how a girl keeps teasing a guy just to get him excited and make him remember her. Then the guy eventually falls in love with her. Psychologically, that seems like a legitimate effect.”

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