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The third episode of MS Marvel series finally reveals the identity of Kamran’s mother, Namja. He told Kamala that he was part of the Destiny clan. Who exactly is the Destin clan? Give me a full explanation of its origin.

After the incident of rescuing a child who was about to fall in a mosque and Kamala being chased by the police, Kamala Khan is finally rescued by Kamran using a car with his mother.

When they reach Kamran’s house, Namja introduces herself and what does this have to do with her grandmother’s bracelet that made her appear in Kamala’s vision.

Namja said he was from the Destin clan who lived for hundreds of years and never aged or even died.

So who exactly is Clan Destine in MS Marvel that Kamran’s mother was talking about?

What is the fate of the clan?

Destiny clan

Referring to the Marvel comics, the Clan Destine is a secretive family with supernatural powers and has a long (arguably immortal) life which is then classified as a Jin (Jane).

The Destin clan exists and has lived since the 12th century, their ancestors are Adam Destin and also Elalith, a couple with a very complex love story, because they are in different worlds.

The descendants of Adam and Elalith are called the clan of Destiny. So far, Clan Destine has become a descendant of the superhuman with many members.

Meanwhile, the power each member possesses varies, ranging from someone who has immunity (Adam), a telepathic ability (Kai Sera), can heal (Albert), and even intelligence (Newton).

The honey of the origins of the fate clan

Adam Destiny Marvel
Adam Destiny Marvel

The origin or history of Clan Destine itself begins when Elalyth, an inhuman woman, manages to save a child named Adam from the Saxon village of Ravenscroft in England, and manages to escape death.

The story takes place in the comic in 1168 AD, and at that time Adam, who was 16 years old, had a fatal accident that almost took his life.

In a dream, Adam meets a woman he does not know and who comes from a jinn who is cured of the pain he suffers.

The woman is basically Elalith, and she’s been in love with Adam since she helped her out of death.

Adam Destin and Elith
Adam Destin and Elith

Time passed, and then when Adam was an adult, Elyth was finally reunited with Adam who had taken part in the crusade under Ricard.

During the war, Adam was portrayed as a strong man, and he always managed to get out of the war without sustaining any injuries.

Adam at that time already knew that he was being protected by the woman he had met in the dream.

Because of his ability in this war, Adam is finally named Adam Destin, a young man who is believed to be carving something big for his city.

Adam grew up to be a very self-confident young man, and in the end it was his overconfidence that led to his arrest by a traveler named Cogo.

The Kahshid asks Adam Destin for help defeating the wizard Sujana from Raghiba, who possesses a jewel with mystical powers that was once used to invade Persia.

Adam Destin followed what the traveler wanted, and managed to defeat a jailer out of desire, but at the end of the story he was betrayed by a tyrant who wanted a jewel with only mystical powers.

When he was weak and helpless, Adam chose to destroy the jewel, but the unexpected happened. After destroying the gem, Jin who was trapped by the gem came out.

Unintentionally, Adam actually saves a mysterious woman who saved him in the past named Elalith.

Then Elalith healed Adam of the wounds he had inflicted, and also gave him the strength that made Adam immune and eternal life.

Eventually Adam Destin and Ellith got married and had several children that we know as the Destin clan.

Now who is the Clan of Destiny talking about has been answered by Namja and how was the origin of this clan in the Marvel Universe.

From yesterday’s episode three, we also know that the villains from MS Marvel are Clan Destine who belong to the Namja family, with the exception of Kamran’s son.

How will the MS Marvel story continue? Will Namja succeed after being arrested by the American police? We look forward to continuing with Episode 4.

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