Must try!  15+ Easy and Effective Ways to Save
Must try! 15+ Easy and Effective Ways to Save

Must try! 15+ Easy and Effective Ways to Save

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Saving is simple, but if the method is not appropriate, impulsive behavior can occur.

This time, my money will discuss about How to save An effective way to help you become more financially healthy! Listen carefully, yes!


  • Saving habits that are followed regularly and consistently will support financial preparedness in the future
  • In addition to being wise in managing finances, there are many ways to save that are easy and effective to be applied in daily life.

The importance of managing finances carefully

The COVID-19 pandemic for two years has changed people’s lives charts. Moreover, since they are often at home, this causes some people to consume.

Whether you realize it or not, the desire to spend money increases more and more. As a result, many complain that spending figures are increasing.

From the habit of ordering food to shopping Online. Although the name is considered small, if it is done too often, it will definitely be harmful.

As a result, a person has difficulty saving for his future needs.

Through this article, Finansialku . will discuss How to save Good and true so that you don’t run out of money again in the middle of the month.

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This is the easy and effective way to save

The habit of saving is important to be applied in daily life, in order to prepare for future needs. I did this?

If not, here is an easy and effective way to memorize you can follow, including:

#1 Have a savings goal

An effective way to save should be followed clear goal. Therefore, you will be motivated to allocate income.

When setting a savings goal, make sure it doesn’t overlap with other goals. If you have more than one need, you can make various savings.

#2 Give the duration and the maximum amount

it’s good for you Set time limit and amount enough for these needs.

This method is rather effective than continuous storage. Except for long-term needs that must be prepared in advance.

#3 Constantly managing finances

Next is Make financial arrangements. Here, she determines the use of funds for needs based on her priorities.

The trick is, first calculate the basic needs, and then follow the other things required. So your money will benefit if you do it consistently.

#4 Use financial recording apps

money registration using the app It is an easy and practical way to save.

you can use my financial app To record income and expenses, to make a budget according to your financial position.

This method can be combined with good financial management so that flowing cash Clearer.

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#5 Using a separate account

This saving method is very effective for those of you who are in a hurry. Keep savings in a different account.

Then, never take an ATM card out of a savings account and limit access to its use.

For example, by not registering m banking. So you can continue to save without worry.

#6 Save With Reverse Dates

You can save this way Advance from the beginning of the month.

The trick is to allocate IDR 30,000 on the first, IDR 29,000 on the second day, and so on up to IDR 1,000 on the 30th.

This way you get R 456 thousand per month. The key is to be consistent.

nah For those of you who want to save regularly, yuk Get the full advice in the video below:

#7 Your shopping habits

with savings practice shopping habits You need to apply. The trick, write down all your shopping list before going to the market or supermarket.

Then go to the shelf that sells your needs. Don’t go near other shelves that have the potential to make your eyes hungry.

In addition, you can collect invoice Or go to the store when it’s about to close. If you are lucky, you will get a discount.

#8 Reducing high school and college needs

side needs and Luxury goods should be reduced If you want to apply the right way to save. This is a lifestyle effect that doesn’t actually need to be done.

For example, if you still have instant noodles at home, then there is no need to buy them at the store. Or if you have coffee at home, you don’t need to order it espresso In the cafe.

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#9 Don’t get into debt

The next way to save, try no debts. Debt options are only chosen when circumstances are very urgent.

If you want to be free and avoid debt, it’s time for a change Mentality You go through a lot of things eBook My finances are below.

Free eBookAnd the How to be free and avoid debt

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#10 Prioritize debt repayment

If you are already in the debt cycle, then sPrioritize repaymentNia.

This is so that installments can be completed on time so you can focus on preparing future savings.

If possible, you can look for a side business option to pay off. Additionally, you need to set a reminder so you don’t miss the due date.

#11 Bring enough cash and avoid credit cards

When carrying a lot of cash in the wallet, most people overdo it when shopping. So , Bring enough cash.

In addition, mUsing services like credit cards is really easy. However, it must be remembered that a credit card is a debt that must be repaid.

If you use it a lot in transactions, your bill will swell.

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#12 Money Limit In e-wallet

Next, you should think about how to save by reducing the funds in the digital wallet.

should, BOvercoming up to digital wallet And use it in moderation.

#13 Buy strong assets

How to save with assets is a good decision. Could you Buy gold or land In a strategic location.

In addition, you can also consider some items such as comics, legos, or antiques.

goods the current Like comics and lego could have a high selling price in the next 2 to 3 years, you know!

#14 Arisan

Lottery Club It amounts to saving, because it’s like being forced to set aside some money per month.

Arisan can be a convenient savings vehicle to keep track of.

But, be careful with scams popping up at social gatherings Online. In order not to get caught up in it, check out this article Warning! 4 Arisan Online Cheating Characteristics You Should Know

#15 Save time

term savings You can consider saving. This method is suitable for those of you who are impulsive because the funds cannot be withdrawn before the term expires.

If you still want to get it, you will get a penalty.

#16 Bring lunch

It’s no secret that self cooking It is much cheaper and helps simplify the method of saving.

By purchasing your own ingredients, you can use them multiple times and produce a lot of dishes.

If you work in an office, bring lunch from the food you prepare. Besides being economical, homemade food is much healthier because you process it yourself.

#17 Save on data bundles

the last one with Save data plan. If there is, use WIFI General for everyday needs, eg when accessing social media.

Meanwhile, for personal use such as m bankingKeep using the private network. yes.

wisely spend money

This is a discussion about how to save effectively. Make sure that your intent and desire to save is consistent.

Sometimes you can buy something, but try to be really useful and you need it. yes.

if you need Advice About financing, feel free to consult with him financial planner my money.

Consultation can be done through my financial app or WhatsApp to make an appointment, yes! Thank you

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Editor: Ismyuli Tri Retno

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