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MX Player Pro – Now playing or watching different types of movies is more and more exciting through Android/iOs smartphones.

Basically, you can play different types of movies or videos through the default smartphone app that has been provided.

However, the default application for a video or movie player from a smartphone usually has many shortcomings, such as incomplete features.

To get around all the shortcomings of the above default app, you can use the Video or Movie Player app, namely MX Player Pro.

There are a lot of features included in the above video player app, such as video and audio quality settings, subtitles, and more.

So you can have a very good experience, when watching different types of videos or movies.

So, for those who want to get the above app, we have provided the download link below.

MX Player Pro Mod Apk Review

MX Player Pro is a video or movie player application developed by MX Media, and initially released on July 18, 2011.

This Video or Movie Player app offers a variety of completely complete features, without the need to purchase them first.

You can listen to the features of the Video Player app above, in the reviews we have provided below.

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Settings menu

In this video player app there are different types of settings menu, with different functions, which are as follows:

  • Menu: to select different types of videos or movies to play.
  • Launcher: Set theme color and style, screen, controls, navigation, video quality, and more.
  • Decorder: HW Decorder Set (local network)Try HW Dcorder, HW Video Codecs and more.
  • Audio: Set player sound quality, audio output, volume booster, turn off headphone offline, and others.
  • Subtitles: to choose one of the translations among the 12 languages ​​available in it, in good quality.

2. Player

Player settings

Player is a setting feature related to video or movie quality, both in terms of brightness, gestures, frames, screen, etc.

In addition, through these launcher settings, you can adjust the color and style of the theme according to your own desires.

And you can also assign navigation buttons, such as forward/backward buttons, brightness/volume buttons, and much more.

3. Decode


Decoder is a setting feature that locks different types of videos or movies that you want.

The above features are usually required for videos or movies that contain a lot of adult scenes, which are not suitable for children to watch.

So that others cannot easily access different types of videos or movies, because accessing them requires a code or key.

4. The sound

My voice

Audio is a feature of settings related to sound or audio, such as audio player and output, volume booster, and others.

So by using this video player app you can improve the sound quality of the video or movie that will be played.

Either with or without the use of additional devices, such as headphones and earphones.

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Difference between MX Player Pro and Original

Before we get into the main discussion in today’s article, it is good to know the difference between the default player app and MX Player Pro.

In the review below we have summarized the differences by the form of the periodic table, so you can tell the difference between the two.

default video player apps MX Player Pro version app
The video and audio quality cannot be set Video and audio quality can be adjusted
Do not provide subtitles in different languages Provides a variety of translations in 12 languages
Movies or videos cannot be given a password or code A password or code can be set for movies or videos
The theme color and pattern can’t be changed according to your own wish Appearance color and pattern can be changed as desired
There are many types of ads (advertisements) annoying There are no different types of ads (advertisements) annoying

Download MX Player Pro Mod Apk

Download MX Player Pro
Noun MX Player Versi Pro (Premium Fitur Unlocked)
Issuance 1.37.1
size 31.08 MB
Developer MX Media
Device Recommendations RAM Android 2 GB (4.1 Jellybean)
iOs RAM 2GB (iOs 9)

To get the app from the MX Player Pro version above, we have provided a link that you can download below:

How to install MX Player Mod Apk

If you downloaded the above Video Player app, but you don’t understand how to install it.

You can listen to the steps on how to install the MX Player Pro version that we have provided below:

  • First you have to download the app first, through the download link we provided above.
  • open it first Settings menuthen select “Security or Security”activate “Unknown sources application installed”.
How to install MX Player Pro
  • Next, please open the folder or file where you store the previously downloaded application, then select “Installations” To start installing the application.
  • Wait a few seconds until the app is completely installed successfully, then open the app to start using it.

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Perhaps that is all we can offer to all of you, who want to use the professional version of MX Player, and we hope that this article will be useful to all of us.

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