MyXl Top Up FF Get 100 cheap diamonds here Bestie
MyXl Top Up FF Get 100 cheap diamonds here Bestie

MyXl Top Up FF Get 100 cheap diamonds here Bestie

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Hi Bestie Kesthuri Id, bestie can use the myXL app not only for consulting and to buy credit and internet quota.

The MyXL app has additional features that friends can use. One of the features your bestie can use on the myXL app is the game reload feature.

Bestie can download different games from the myXL app. One of the games that can be recharged through the myXL app is Free Fire.

To know more about how to top up Diamonds Free Fire on MyXL, your friends can read this article carefully.

Price of FF Diamond Refill on MyXL

MyXl Top Up FF
MyXl Top Up FF

Free Fire Diamond refills on MyXL are actually cheaper than web refills like Coda Store.

Below is the price list for Free Fire Diamond Refill in myXL app:

  • 140 diamonds = 20000.00 Indonesian rupiah
  • 355 diamonds = 50000.00 Indonesian rupiah
  • 720 diamonds = 100000.00 Indonesian rupiah
  • 1.450 diamonds = 200000.00 Indonesian rupiah
  • 2180 diamonds = 300000.00 Indonesian rupiah

MyXL Top Up FF Show Reloaded

It is cheaper to buy diamonds on myXL than to pay with XL credit at Coda.

When you want to buy 140 diamonds from Coda store with XL credit, the best person should give credit worth IDR 29000.00.

Meanwhile, if the bestie buys directly from myXL, the bestie only needs to spend a credit of Rs 20000.00.

Let’s compare the price of the Free Fire Diamond bundle again at Coda and myXL.

If bestie buys 2,180 diamonds from Koda store via XL credit payment, bestie has to spend Rs 400,000.00 on credit.

Meanwhile, if the bestie buys through myXL, the bestie only needs to spend a credit of Rs 300,000.00.

How to top up Free Fire on MyXL

Learn how to top up your Free Fire Diamond balance in the myXL app:

  1. First of all best friend Open myXL app.
  2. If your bestie doesn’t have it yet, your bestie must install it first from the Play Store or App Store or click on the link the admin will provide below. Remember that this myXL app is for XL Card customers only.
  3. after, after sign in The myXL appthe best can press the menu My packages and choose buy package.
  4. yellow down and click existing entertainment.
  5. press Knob free fire In the Reloading.
  6. Enters Free Fire ID bestie in the available column and choose how much to refill bestie.
  7. If you have, it can be for the best click Knob send. Wait for details Balance recharge appears and press the . button send.
  8. With MyXL, Free Fire Diamond refill completed, the best can enter Free Fire to check what diamonds bestie has.

Download the MyXL app

Download the MyXL app
Download the MyXL app

The latest version of MyXL is an application that facilitates the implementation of various activities.

Such as activating internet packages, checking credit and checking quotas. In addition, bestie can also manage multiple XL Prepaid, XL Postpaid, and XL HOME accounts simultaneously in just one myXL app.

Downloading is easy, you can go through Play Store or App Store, or just click on this link.


This is the information I can pass on about myXL Free Fire refills.

Due to the easy way to package MyXL and reasonable shipping costs, there is no harm in trying to package MyXL.

Some explanations from mimin, we hope this article will be useful. And if your bestie still wants to read other articles about this Free Fire game.

Bestie can get a lot of reading references about Free Fire at

Thank you!

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