Nathan, Dear Nathan, Hello Salma, full movie subtitled
Nathan, Dear Nathan, Hello Salma, full movie subtitled

Nathan, Dear Nathan, Hello Salma, full movie subtitled

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Nathan, Dear Nathan, Hello Salma, full movie subtitled

Droid ROM – Nathan, Dear Nathan, Hello Salma, full movie subtitled There are many things that can make a person feel lonely, one of which is parental pressure. The family, which was supposed to be the safest place, made Salma feel very suffocated.

When asked to enter the UI to prevent dating, Salma completely lost her identity. This is a love test for Selma and Nathan, as they both have to choose between love and family.

Welcoming fans with stories shared by teens, Dear Nathan, Hello Selma (2018) had his own impact. In addition, the presence of Suzan Sameh in the film further turbulences the story of Salma and Nathan.

As a result, the movie has a rating of 7.8/10 on iMDb and has garnered more than 650,000 views in just 10 days. How is the story of Nathan and Selma this time? Read on to review to the end!

Movie Sinopsis Dear Nathan Hello Salma

Nathan, Dear Nathan, Hello Salma, full movie subtitled

As he struggles to become a better person, Nathan (Jeffrey Nicholl) leaves his old bad habits behind. But that actually makes him joke, so when one of his friends embarrasses Selma (Amanda Rolls), Nathan can’t contain his feelings.

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This time Nathan had to change school and broke up with Selma. The difference is that this breakup is not a story of a long-distance relationship, but a love story between two people that really ends.

Selma was angry to see Nathan unable to control his emotions, but she didn’t expect Nathan to ask for a breakup. Meanwhile, Nathan did not have time to explain anything but obeying the wishes of the woman he loved.

In his new school life, Nathan accidentally meets a girl who has many problems. A girl named Rebecca (Suzan Sameh) now has a problem with a popular guy at school.

Not wanting to see a group of men humiliate Rebecca, Nathan is determined to take on the martial arts champion. Fortunately, this time Nathan’s fight didn’t hit BP’s room, but it did leave Rebecca feeling sorry and guilty.

The girl wondered why Nathan wanted to help her? They had never met or known each other before. Nathan also replied that he was just like Rebecca because he never thought about suicide.

Nathan’s words startled Rebecca, especially since that day, the two seemed to get close. This time Nathan wanted to help Rebecca and let the girl know that she was not alone in this world.

But Rebecca misunderstood Nathan’s good intentions until the man said he couldn’t force Rebecca to love him. Salma, on the other hand, was closely watched by her father, who wanted her to enter medical school at UI.

Film Crew Dear Nathan Hello Salma

Here is a list of Dear Nathan Hello Salma cast:

  • Jeffrey Nicholl as Nathan
  • Amanda Rawls as Selma
  • Surya Saputra as Nathan’s father
  • Divano Danendra as Redo
  • Diandra Agatha as Rahma
  • Suzan Sameh as Rebecca
  • Jito Crazy as Salma’s father
  • Karina Sawandi as Salma’s mother
  • Pramanta Sadhu
  • singular word
  • Meranti Dewey
  • Sonia Alexa
  • Zoe Abbas Jackson
  • Randy John
  • cool Arkananta
  • Tallow Prussia

Dear Nathan, Hello Selma movie review

Unlike Nathan’s story in the first season, I really enjoyed watching the story of Rebecca and Selma in the second movie. This film raises a very common issue among young people, which is depression. But as I said earlier, this movie only shows the outer layer of this phenomenon.

This is one of the things I regret the most while watching Dear Nathan Hello Selma (2018). In fact, if the writer or producer wanted to delve into this, I’m sure the movie would be more interesting.

The problem of depression in this film is able to educate many people that the family can be the main source of depression in children. I am sure that stories of children from broken families are common and it is curious why they think they are normal.

For example, Salma is under pressure to fulfill her father’s dream of attending medical school at UI. Of course people will say it’s easy, after all Salma is known as a smart student.

But what happens when a girl can’t enter the user interface? It turns out that Salma is trying to stay under her father’s pressure to achieve what she doesn’t want. What made Salma feel so depressed that the girl lost her self-confidence.

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This question needs to be researched more deeply, because many children in the real world are victims. Hello Salma Dear Nathan (2018) combines a teenage love story with mental health issues, and it’s fun.

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