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Park Seo Joon has long been anticipating his appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), the sequel to Captain Marvel. Since Park Seo Joon was confirmed in the movie, there has been little information regarding the character that Park Seo Joon will be playing.

Information has revealed that Park Seo Joon will play the character of Nov Varr or also known as Marvel Boy who is known as the sexiest comic book character. Come check it out in full below!

About the character Noh Varr who is rumored to play Park Seo Joon in the Marvel movie

One of the shocking speculation for the audience is currently revolving around the character Noh Varr, who will be played by Park Seo Joon in the Marvel movie. This assumption is considered possible, because Noh Varr is portrayed as an Asian in Marvel comics.

Nov Varr is known by several names as The Protector, but most famously as Marvel Boy. Just like Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers played by Brie Larson), he’s Kree (coming from another world) and one of Marvel’s.

Noh-Varr is a fictional superhero who appears in American comic books published by Marvel Comics most often under the codename Marvel Boy. It debuted in Marvel Boy #1 (August 2000) and was created by writer Grant Morrison and artist JJ Jones. Later in Civil War: Young Avengers / Runaways and New Avengers: Illuminati Limited Series. After appearing in Secret Invasion, he joined the Dark Avengers as a Marvel captain. He is a member of the Avengers main team as a protector. As Marvel Boy, he was part of the Young Avengers and West Coast Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy”. Quoted from Wikipedia.

Marvel Comic /
Marvel Comic /

Not only is Noh Varr known as a tough champ with improved Eugeni/Microtech Kree’s physiological abilities and access to advanced extra dimensional technology, but he’s also a sex symbol.

Noh-Varr himself was ranked in 2013 at number two on ComicsAlliance’s list of “50 Sexiest Male Characters in Comics.” In 2014, they praised the Young Avengers creative team’s willingness to return to the character’s roots and portray him as a true sex symbol, which they considered Rarely for a male superhero.” Quoted from Wikipedia.

More facts about Noh Varr who is rumored to play Park Seo Joon
Marvel Comic /

The emergence and character of Noh Varr becomes the main focus, making the Marvel films different than before and able to attract a lot of audience. This is because Noh Varr presents Asian representations and LGBTQIA+ issues. In the comics, Nov Varr is legally bisexual and can be heterosexual.

So far, Nov Varr is believed to be bisexual and was in a relationship with Kate Bishop (young Hawkeye) and flirting with young Loki. In addition to being a formidable cree, it’s also been fortified with insect DNA, a kind of alien version of Spiderman.

Noh-Varr differs from many male superheroes in that it is portrayed as a straightforward sex symbol in the same way as many female heroes. MCU films have happily focused on the allure of their male stars, but Marvel Boy could usher in a new generation of young, hot, and eccentric characters. Or a series for The Young Avengers to be a hit with teen audiences, and Noh-Varr’s love of earth music might give a renewed feel to Guardians of the Galaxy.” Daniel Tessier said via Geeks quoted from Koreaboo on Monday (25/07/2022).

Last year, Marvel Comics added the god Hercules to The Guardians of the Galaxy because Noh Varr joined as well. In Guardians of the Galaxy #6, they have either been made into a romance or have dated each other.

“The Greek gods bring power to their current mission, but as it was recently revealed in the comics, Hercules has also sparked a new romance with Noh-Varr known as Marvel Boy.” ucap Screen Rant.

Surprisingly again, Nov-Varr also dated fellow Young Avenger Hawkeye (Kate Bishop).

Then he was on the West Coast Avengers with Kate and her then-boyfriend, Fuse (Johnny Watts). By the end of the series, Johnny and Noah Farr seem to develop something for each other, which leads to Kate screaming, ‘Have I ever dated someone personally? ?” Adapted from

Marvel Comic /

Knowing the background of Nov Varr’s character rumored to be starring Park Seo Joon, this will be the second moment that Park Seo Joon does a kiss scene with his male buddies. Previously, Park Seo Joon accepted his best friend Choi Woo Shik into the 2012 sitcom family when the two were still rookie actors.


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