Online Passport Service APK via M-Passport Latest Version 2022
Online Passport Service APK via M-Passport Latest Version 2022

Online Passport Service APK via M-Passport Latest Version 2022

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Online Passport Service APK – For those of you who don’t know how to make an online passport, see the explanation this time about Apk Online Passport Service via M-Passport. It will definitely be very useful for those of you who will already be interested in traveling abroad. If you feel you need the information above, please follow this discussion to the end.

You must know that now regarding online passport service, this apk is now changed to M-Passport Apk to be used in manufacturing management. And of course not only the manufacturing service but also the exchange of passports directly at the immigration office. As we all know that this passport is an important requirement in traveling abroad for an individual’s identity. And if you want to try to make a passport, you can choose either in person or online. If you want to know how to make an online passport on m-Passport, see the explanation to the end.

Basically, for the development of this technological world, changes are increasingly felt every day. Where the difficult things become easier now and the distant things come closer. And it all started since the advent of smartphones, and there are many things that we feel simply and easily, both connectivity issues and so on. Like making this passport, it may have taken a long time in the past to go back and forth. There will be a lot of time lost, especially for those who are very far from immigration.

Quick overview of Passport Online Apk

You must know that for online passport services, this is a passport queue application that uses the internet. It has been officially launched by the government regarding immigration. It is through the Directorate of Migration Information Systems and Technologies in the Republic of Indonesia. The goal is to make it easier for people to apply for passports so there are no long queues and time efficiency.

Of course, we no longer need to pay to go to the immigration office which may be far from where you are. You just need to create a good internet and you can do it from home easily. You may have found by now that this online passport application has already existed since 2019. Previously it was called APAPO which is now changed to M-Passport in 2022. Of course, you can try to follow the method which we will introduce later. And before we delve into the process of using m-passport app, you should first know the features in m-passport apk.

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M-Passport Online App Features

There are a lot of features that you can use in this mobile passport app. What is certain is that there are many benefits that you can get from this application. For more details, you can see the explanation as follows:

1. Can from home

The first advantage to make it easier for the mobile passport app users is that we as users can make passports from home. With this access, we have a stable internet capital only to register later so that we can use a lot of time, i.e. the efficiency of that time.

2. Easy service

By accessing with a single account, you can later create or apply for a passport freely without any other restrictions. So you don’t have to worry about that and it can be your convenience if you want to do more than one passport.

3. Easy Payment

To make such a passport, you can make payments online if all these data are complete. With this paid access, it will be easier for you to process the passport later.

4. Freedom to choose the immigration office

Among the many immigration offices in this country, you can freely choose the one in which you will make your passport. Basically, that access is what you can look for, and it’s the closest to where you are. With this feature, you will make it easier for you to travel the distance later in the current immigration office.

5. Free choice of schedule

You are also free to limit your arrival at any time when you go to the immigration office. You can choose the tone depending on the time you want, the purpose and what your needs are.

6. Change the schedule

When you can’t attend according to the schedule you set earlier, you don’t have to worry. When you have one chance, which is D-1, you can reschedule to set the date again when.

Download the M-Passport application to create a passport online

For those who are curious to try to get a passport online, below we have prepared a download link for the application to try it out. Where we have given description of m-passport app and also even file size. For more details, you can see the explanation as follows:

the details a description
number M-Passport
Issuance Version 4.1.0
Developer Directorate General of Immigration Kemenkumham RI
a file 39 MB

Download link:

How to make a passport online via M-Passport

For those of you who have downloaded the m-passport app, you can follow the steps that we are going to give below on how to make a passport via m-passport. For more details, you can follow the tutorial as below:

  • Download M-Passport via the link above
  • First register using your ID, email and mobile phone number
  • Choose “Submit a passport application” and fill in the questions correctly and correctly
  • Enter the documents and also what are the requirements
  • If you did everything right, you can make payments in different ways. It can be via Bank, Post, Indomaret etc. max 2 hours after uploading the document.
  • Surely you have made a passport correctly, whether it is a new or a replacement one
  • Then come to the immigration office as you chose before
  • And be sure to bring the original documents and stamps to show for immigration
  • he did

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The last word

We hope what we said about how to create a passport online through M-Passport was useful to all of us and see you soon. And keep updating your information only on which always provides the latest technology news every day.

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