Overcoming nasal congestion in children » TmZ.NG – TmZ.NG
Overcoming nasal congestion in children » TmZ.NG – TmZ.NG

Overcoming nasal congestion in children » TmZ.NG – TmZ.NG

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Overcoming Nasal Congestion in Children » TmZ.NG – TmZ.NG #Overcoming #Nose #Congestion #In #Children #TmZ.NG #TmZ.NG Welcome to TmZ’s blog, here’s our new story for you today:

News bugs – very often, children suffer from nasal congestion caused by the common cold. Not only adults suffer from nasal congestion. However, children often suffer from it. At night, you often feel stuffy nose. This is very disturbing for resting sleep and other activities, such as playing for children.

Because the nose often drips and dries, so it is clogged from the inside. The nose also turns red because it is often rubbed to remove mucus. There are several ways to treat nasal congestion in children, including:

Wash the baby with warm water

Nasal congestion in children is very annoying. Then you can bathe the baby with warm water to deal with nasal congestion. When you shower with warm water, the hot steam passes through the nasal cavity and lungs. So that the hot steam from this warm water can remove mucus from the nose. Take a hot bath, yes.

Warm water compress

How to deal with nasal congestion in children can also be compressed below with warm water. Prepare a clean towel that is not too large. Then soak it in warm water, then wring out the towel until it gets wet. If so, place the towel over the child’s face and do not wait too long, as this may suffocate the child.

This is done several times until the child is relieved of the crowding. Don’t use wet towels, okay? It doesn’t get you past a stuffy nose, but you can catch other illnesses caused by bacteria on wet towels. Then follow the instructions.

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