Persebaya beat 10 Perceta players 2-0
Persebaya beat 10 Perceta players 2-0

Persebaya beat 10 Perceta players 2-0

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WMOTION.CO.ID – Persibaya Surabaya managed to collect three points in the final match of the second week of the BRI Liga 1 2022/2023 against the guest, Persita Tangerang, at Bunj Tomo Stadium (GBT), Surabaya, Monday evening (1/8/2022). In this match, Persebaya won 2-0 against Perceta who had to play with ten men for most of the match.

This is Persebaya’s first win in Liga 1 this season. The extra three points saw the favorite Punic’s team move up to fifth in the standings.

Meanwhile, Persita occupies seventh place in the ranking. Previously Persita successfully won the match last week.

In GBT, Persibaya pressed immediately from the start of the match. Perceta’s defense was immediately bombarded by Aji Santoso’s team.

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Meanwhile, Persibaya managed to open the scoring in the 24th minute. Shu Yamamoto scored his name on the scoreboard through the help of Silvio Jr.

The disadvantaged made 0-1 Perceta began to dare to break out of the pressure. However, they had already received a signal that they had to play with 10 players until the match was over.

In the 33rd minute, Perceta defender Agustin Cattaneo had to take a shower faster because he violated a Persebaya player who ran freely without an escort. Even with 10 players multiple times, the Sisadien Warriors team was compromised.

However, the score did not change 1-0 until the end of the first half. Persibaya while winning 1-0.

The second half began, and Bagul immediately pressed Ego. Outstanding in the number of players, it seems difficult to break out of the pressure of the opponent.

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Persibaya finally consolidated his advantage in the 57th minute. Beginning with a free kick, Rizki Redo fired a killer header past Dika Payangkara.

Persita continues to try to reduce lag with the rest of the current players. But the lack of players made it difficult for Arif Setiawan and his teammates to dismantle the Persibaya defense.

Meanwhile, Persipaya seemed to have softened her attacks. As a result, the result of Persibaya’s 2-0 victory did not change until the whistle announced the end of the match.

Lined up:

Persibaya Surabaya (4-2-3-1): Satria Tama; Arief Cator Pamungas, Rizki Rideau, Riswan Lahim, and Coco Ari Araya; Brillian Drafts (Risky 57′), Muhammad Hedayat; Shu Yamamoto, Hegor Philip Vidal (Denny Agus Setiawan 82°), Muhammed Supriyadi (Ahmed Noviandani 65°); Silvio Rodriguez Jr. (Julian Mancini 89 degrees).

Coach: Aji Santoso

Persita Tangerang (4-2-3-1): Dhika Payangkara; Arif Setiawan, Johannes Candemo, Augustin Cattaneo, Mohamed Toha; Elisa Basna (Paulo Sittinggang 44), Sin Young Bae (Nelson Alum 73′); Abu Rizal Maulana (Muhammad Rifqi 44′), Norberto Ezequiel Vidal, Ramiro Fergonzi; Weldan Ramadan, we read it (Suden indexing 47′).

Coach: Angel Alfredo Vera

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