Peugeot Traveler Premium: great for going long distances
Peugeot Traveler Premium: great for going long distances

Peugeot Traveler Premium: great for going long distances

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As part of the new generation of efficient people-operated operators, the Traveler has a file 2.0 liter turbodiesel with the Eight-speed automatic transition. While 150 hp Doesn’t sound like much for a big guy, the torque is where it’s at 340Nm of torsion at only 2,000 rpm. Coupled with several gears, acceleration is smooth and brisk. In NLEX and SCTEX, the ride is so quiet and stable, that you’ll appreciate heads the show To remind you that you have already exceeded the speed limit.

Keep your foot light on the gas pedal and you’ll get rewards all around 12.5 km/l. Who does not want to skimp on expensive diesel fuel these days? While the “transmission” is a space-saving turntable on the dashboard, you can still get paddle shifters. I never felt the need to use them since our drives were mostly straight roads, but these should be useful for roundabouts.

By the way, he still has a file Conventional parking brake As God intended, not other unnecessarily complex electronic brakes. So if you’ve ever needed to make a quick J-turn, you’ve got one thing.

Oddly, for a luxury van that comes with so many standard safety tech as ubiquitous airbags, predictable traction control and hill stability, and convenience features like USB sockets and foldable trays, it lacks automatic tailgate. Or maybe the French don’t want you to be too lazy, and a little exercise is good for your heart. It also has front and rear parking sensors and a rear camera, but the front camera would be great because the sensor doesn’t always warn you about bad wheel stops that can damage the bumper.

price P3,099,000 For eight seats, the Traveler Premium delivers European-quality ride and comfort in a large, non-ostentatious package that will watch you roam the countryside for miles.

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