Photo tour of the luxury event space in Kuala Lumpur
Photo tour of the luxury event space in Kuala Lumpur

Photo tour of the luxury event space in Kuala Lumpur

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While Colony may be best known for its co-working spaces, it has also established itself as a provider of extravagant and luxurious event spaces. Recently, our team was able to visit Castra by Colony, a luxurious rooftop spot in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

The Rooms by Colony is located in the same building as Star Boulevard KLCC, another of the brand’s event venues.

The rooms consist of tea room and drawing room. As described by the Colony’s website, the space contains two rooms—namely, The Tea Room and The Drawing Room—with upside-down stories.

The entrance to The Drawing Room is in the form of a secret corridor, indicating the subject of the conversation inside.

The Tea Room, on the other hand, is a modern retelling of the British Colonial Tea Room. The first room has a more masculine character, while the last has a feminine aura.

The idea for The Rooms was launched last year when Colony received inquiries for a place to hold team meetings or brainstorming sessions in an informal setting, more comfortable than a formal meeting room.

“They wanted to work but they also wanted their team to rest and have fun at the same time,” explained Trina Phua, Colony Performance Marketing Specialist. “So that was the conception of the first room, the drawing room.”

Draw in the drawing room

Image Credit: The Rooms by Colony

Found by a discreet entrance, The Drawing Room is a mixing room intended to foster curiosity and discussions among entrepreneurs, creators, and anyone from all walks of life.

To be a space where you can get work done as well as relax and unwind, The Drawing Room is designed to have two purposes: work and play.

Image Credit: The Rooms by Colony

“For example, the long table works for dining or for sit-down meetings, while the TV and sofa seating can be used for presentations or karaoke sessions,” Trina said. “We have included a bar area for drinks to unwind after a hard day’s work.”

did you know: The drawing room is a room in a house where visitors can entertain, and a historical term for what might now be called, in the United States, the living room.

To achieve a cool aesthetic, the team combined vintage-look pieces, prints, and vintage textures. The use of leather also adds to the luxurious, bar-like space.

Image Credit: The Rooms by Colony

“The brand’s masculine character portrayed in The Drawing Room tempts guests to dance the night away behind our hidden entrance to seek freedom in the idea of ​​the unknown,” Trina described.

The drawing room is 2,000 square feet, and seats about 40 people at a time for a reception equipped with HDTV and free high-speed WIFI. Price for The Drawing Room starts from RM4,500 for a half-day stay.

Image Credit: The Rooms by Colony

Time and place for tea

Image Credit: The Rooms by Colony

As mentioned earlier, the team designed the Tea Room to contrast with The Drawing Room as its female counterpart.

“We had so much fun putting all the pastel colors and subtle prints on the floors and walls,” Trina said. “Where the drawing room exudes heavy masculine vibes, the tea room is all about lightness.”

Image Credit: The Rooms by Colony

This is reflected not only in the color palette but also in the actual lighting of the space and even the furniture. Rattan chairs and velvet sofas emphasize the aesthetic.

According to Trina, the Colony Ballroom is famous for its weddings, so The Tea Room often functions as a wedding suite. With the concept of rich tea, it also serves as a space for the guests to gather around and wait for the appearance of the beautiful bride.

Image Credit: The Rooms by Colony

Other than wedding projects, guests can arrange upscale birthdays, elegant baby showers, bridal showers, or fancy fairytale tea parties.

Starting at RM2,500 for a half-day, The Tea Room is approximately 1,000 square feet and can accommodate up to 25 people.

Image Credit: The Rooms by Colony

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As more events take place, The Rooms offers great multi-purpose spaces to host said events.

On top of the Instagram-worthy interior, there are plenty of other amenities available from a projector and audiovisual systems to karaoke sets and portable stages. You can also serve food to the venue or deal with partner vendors at Colony for an additional fee.

Although they haven’t received many extravagant requests for The Rooms yet, the team aims to always be able to cater to guests. For example, one of the team members played an actor in a video shoot for a surprise proposal.

“With the Colony’s top-notch hospitality, our motto is that there is never too much demand and this applies to pretty much all of our offices and event spaces,” Trina said.

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Featured image credit: The Rooms by Colony

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