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TDM Poolex Academy claims to generate automatic income for entrepreneurs via a unique public access system.

according to LocationAnd the

“We’ve created a system so that anyone can use it, recommend it (sic) and get the benefits.”

This presentation is taken from the original in Spanish, which is the official language of poolexacademy.comand continue to offer high-value products, an attractive compensation plan, and options for earning passive income from the comfort of clients’ homes.

She goes on to advertise slots for online courses and digital products, claiming to have many digital items in her cart.

How does the product work?

For starters, it’s not even tangible things.

Also, the official website assures that any new member will have to purchase the course from an affiliate, who will also go through the same process. Members will purchase the course online and start with in-person support from one of our TDM Poolex Academy tutors for a period of thirty (30) days.

This is the sum total.

Note that all of these things happen on just one web page on the site, with little effort to explain the course content.

Another part of the site worth checking out is the legal aspect. Apparently, TDM Poolex Academy offers a paid service that requires the public to purchase a digital product and sign up for guardianship. Therefore, that would qualify the company for an SEC license.

However, the company does not provide this piece of legal information.

So, this is the gist

  1. A team of operators without any records offer offline the option of passive earning
  2. The word sesame that opens this profit is a mysterious system, without any information about how it works
  3. The company offers retail opportunities for subsidiaries
  4. There are no legal backups of what loosely constitutes a public offering
  5. Mysterious contents on the site, despite the phone and Gmail address provided within the company information

Looking at the above points, TDM Poolex Academy appears to be another digital course segmentation tool, which gets worse with the promise of a flat quotation of 104% ROI per day. Profit is unrealistic and does not solve any problem for entrepreneurs, contrary to what TDM Poolex Academy claims.

Who heads the company?

The owner is unknown. Again, this raises questions about the nature of the business in progress.

The website already duplicates the same content on pooleaxacademy.com and tdm-academy.com. It even adds a pair of development team profiles on the new site as an afterthought.

Presumably, Maria Pintos and Melanie are the presidents and advertising directors, respectively. However, none of these people have any offline track record. Agent status, obviously!

Learn more about the company below.

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TDM Poolex Academy Compensation Plan

People can sign up for a mission using the free online portal. However, paid membership tiers require a deposit in USDTs.

Aside from affiliate compensation plans, members can earn negative commissions from the typical single tier and what appears to be a rating team.

If you’re new to uneven bonuses, check out the details below.

A single-level downline member starts by recruiting people to the platform. Member referrals occupy the first level and in turn recruit others to the second level.

The same process is repeated on the third, fourth and fifth levels and continues with the doubling of the lower lines. In this case, TDM Poolex Academy only supports commissions payable up to level 4, with weighted earnings tied to each level.

In return, it pays

0.2% at level 4;

0.3% at level 3;

and 0.5% at level 2.

Level 1 pays 1.5% commissions.

As per a proper compensation plan, it offers tiered opportunities that pay returns at the end of the investment period.

Below is how it works.

Full Poolex _ sells for $927 investment

Gold Premium _ sell investment fo197 USDT

Platinum – Available for an investment of $197

Emerald – Available for an investment of 127 USDT

Ruby _ sells for $67 investment


The aforementioned percentage of bonuses on unilateral levels accrued from investments in selected membership plans.

Regardless of the option, TDM Poolex Academy pays members from member registration fees based on the same single tier downlink.

It also provides fee-weighted commissions to members based on membership fees to determine the levels paid. Available from them as follows.

Platinum (Including Other Affiliate Categories) – Qualifies the member to earn commissions at levels 1-5

Emerald _ qualifies members for committees at levels 1-3

Ruby – qualifies a member for committees at level 1-2

Member registration fees

TDM Poolex Academy pays members from accumulated membership fees, with eligible paid levels calculated using a form in the section above.

Full Poolex Level – converts $4 at level 5, $6 at level 4, $8 at level 3, $10 at level 2, and $160 at level 1.

Gold Platinum Tier – transfers $3 at level 5, $4 at level 4, $5 at level 3, $7 at level 2, and $60 at level 1

Platinum tier – transfers $2 at level 5, $3 at level 4, $4 at level 3, $6 at level 2, and $50 at level 1

Emerald Tier – Transfer $2 at level 3, $2 at level 2, and $30 at level 1

Ruby Tier – Transfer $5 at Level 2 and $15 Level

To join the program and qualify for a paid plan, use the following login steps.

How to login to TDM Poolex Academy


It appears that TDM Poolex Academy is duplicating the same website and login portal as theirs. Here how it works.

  • Go to the official web portal at poolexacademy.com.
  • Choose Sign in from the three-bar menu icon on the site.
  • Enter your email and password.
  • Also, provide a unique referral code.
  • Check for any captcha.
  • Finally, click on Sign in.

Is the platform legitimate?

Conclusion – Should you invest?

It boils down to whether TDM Poolex Academy runs any business that can generate 4% returns per day.

In this regard, TDM Poolex Academy is trying to disguise a comprehensive multi-level marketing party as a system that generates stable income for entrepreneurs. It has nothing to show for all these buzzwords, aside from a triangle chart that includes affiliates buying courses at personal costs.

Moreover, the company is run by anonymous executives, using more than one website with vague promises about a mysterious cash scammer called SYSTEM.

Don’t invest in scams.

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