practice questions for chapter 12
practice questions for chapter 12

practice questions for chapter 12

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Chapter One Proficiency Test

Products obtained through manual skills and thinking skills in cooking a substance or substance that produce aesthetics or aesthetics as well as certain functions are considered….


craft products

2. Which of the following is not a model of inorganic waste, ie….

3. Pay attention to the following phrases are!

This kind of craft business will really make a profit.

The type of craft work that fits your ideals and interests.

The danger is not accepted by people more or less.

The kind of craft that consumers love and need.

This kind of craftsmanship whose raw materials are easy to obtain

Loss of trusted employees/staff if they can’t handle it properly.

Below are the tasks that the entrepreneur needs to pay attention to after determining the type of work as desired, indicated by the number….

(1) and (2) and (three) and (4)

(2), (4), (Lima), and (6)

(3) and (4) and (five) and (6)

(1), (two), (4), (five)

4. A characteristic of adaptive personal marketing, is…

Messages are generally directed to specific people, for example sending messages by post or email, it means that only the relevant party knows the message, not the audience

Messages can be prepared and designed in the best possible way before they are sent to the concerned person so that they are interested

Messages can be set up using very fast sync with the latest conditions

Messages can be changed according to the responses of the people involved, and as a result, it creates an interactive communication

Messages are personal and not mass-produced

Fifthly – this is not an external factor that can lead to a new perspective in the business of handicraft products, namely …

Great idea to build something new

Experience when he saw other people solving problems

Unmet needs for themselves and others

daily difficulties

Encountered and not resolved

6. Recycling is one of the activities in the production of handicraft products.

Recycling …

You plan to take your used items home to look new

Reverse processing of production leftovers and transforming them into a new product

Handicraft industry according to raw materials as finished goods

Craft design based on solids

Production of handicrafts from soft materials

7. The following are not included in the purpose of sales promotion, namely…

Enhancing consumer dreams of product experience

Increased consumer purchases

Minimize switching consumer behavior between brands

Increasing the purchasing power of the community

Influencing customers to try new products

8. Organic waste that cannot be used as craft materials, and is…


rotten wood

corn husk

9. The following are not included in the internal business risks are…

Consumers lose trust because they cannot provide the right goods

Check the supplier’s religion

The danger is not accepted by society more or less

Economic risks for citizens and the country

Loss of capital if the consumer does not pay the debt

10. Note-taking, correspondence, bookkeeping, etc. activities are required…


11. The following confounds an essential step for alternative selection in eligibility analysis


possess the knowledge

One-on-one experience

An experience when he sees others solving problems

Intuition is the thoughts that come from the individual himself

Determine available financial resources

12. Competitive analysis is very important in analyzing product business opportunities

Handicraft, that’s because…

Prevent consumer from getting bored of using craft products

Need to consider the compatibility between the capital provided and the needs

kind of business

c. It is used to develop and sustain the handicraft business

Dr.. Loss of capital if the consumer does not pay the debt

e. Used for business capital and to meet operating expenses

13. Forms of non-personal promotion using a variety of media offered

Make a stimulating purchase called…

Face to face sales

Personal Marketing

14. Examples of inorganic waste, namely…

Iron, wood and paper

Plastic, rubber and iron

Plastic, rubber and iron

Paper, rubber and plastic

15. The process by which companies create and create value for customers

Strong interactions with customers, aiming to capture value according to

On the other hand, the customer…

sales promotion


16. The purpose of market research is…

Find relevant data from organizations such as central office

Bureau of Statistics, Tourism and Industry

B. Gathering news to decide on a craft business

will be open

c. Competitive analysis for the development and sustainability of craft products business

Dr.. Collect coverage called raw data

e. Create a new view of the encountered object using the ability

his creativity

17. The following are not included in direct selling properties, namely…

Personal or there is a personal relationship using consumers

Direct response to consumers’ questions or reactions

Giving free help vouchers to consumers who buy products

Enhance interaction with consumers, if the situation is satisfactory

Operational portfolio is very high

18. An entrepreneur who is about to open a new venture always needs market information because the marketing-based objectives are…

To meet customer demand

To assess the market today

Create a market test where acceptance of potential buyers can be observed

Create coverage terms with master data

To perform a technical feasibility test

19. The personal shape of personal selling aims to influence

Consumer purchases are called…

Face to face sales

Exclusive Marketing

20. One of the purposes of handicraft product packaging is…

Add production port

Inform consumers of the product and its purpose

Convincing consumers to try new products

Meet safety and usability requirements

Compete with previously marketed homogeneous products

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