Recommended 5 Platforms for Liquid and Reliable Online Direct Monthly Loans
Recommended 5 Platforms for Liquid and Reliable Online Direct Monthly Loans

Recommended 5 Platforms for Liquid and Reliable Online Direct Monthly Loans

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Not everyone is always in good economic condition, because sometimes there are sudden, unexpected needs. Such expenses can be mitigated by trying to choose a loan available online. As many of the online monthly loan platforms are fluid which leads to easy identification of requirements in the application process.

Monthly loans are mainly lighter in terms of payments, because installments can be paid every month. This payment system will be suitable for borrowers who need to wait for their monthly salary so that they can pay in installments. As a recommendation for a reliable online loan, readers can listen to the explanation of the following five recommended platforms:

1. my money

Bank Amar Indonesia has started launching a monthly online direct loan product called Tunaiku. This platform has been in operation since 2014 and is one of the safe online loan options under OJK. High-end technology support makes the application process fast, and potential borrowers only need to fill out the form available on the official website.

One of the advantages of offering loans in Tunaiko is the uncomplicated terms. Orders can be placed without any guarantees, customers only need to prepare an ID card. Loan services will be processed for 24 hours, so that the funds provided are immediately disbursed according to the agreed terms.

2. DanabJack

This platform offers monthly direct online loans with a maximum credit limit of 5 million. Payment is made monthly for a maximum period of 6 months. The premiums and interest are relatively light, so it won’t be stressful. Borrowers can find out the amount of installments to be paid immediately through a simulation located on the Danabijak website.

Before registering, readers need to understand the requirements proposed on the Danabijak website. Among them, the borrower must be an Indonesian citizen over the age of 18, show ID and have a permanent job. If the presented funds are received, the exchange will be carried out on the same day. Loan funds can be received using a payroll account.

3. Cairo

This platform offers cash disbursement ranging from 500k to 5m. Payments are made within a minimum period of 91 days and a maximum of one year from submission. Applications can be submitted by completing the files in the Cairin app. Fill in the full name and account details as per the name listed on the ID card.

4. Jolo

Orders can be placed in sufficiently large quantities by utilizing the JULO service. This platform offers credits of up to 15 million with a maximum of 9 months. The requirements as a customer are that the borrower must be over 21 years old, have an income of over 2 million per month, and reside in Indonesia.

5. UangMe

This platform has been operating since 2018 and is one of the recommended secure online loan services. The maximum credit offered is 20 million for a period of up to 6 months. Regarding the requirements, potential borrowers only need to prepare an ID card and fill in their personal data on the official UangMe website.

As with other online loan platforms, UangMe is supervised by OJK so that its security is guaranteed. In terms of installments, borrowers can make payments every month on a predetermined date. The installments are paid by bank transfer or through the mini market. Borrowers can view the remaining loan balance through smart phone easily and practical.

These are the recommendations of several reliable and straightforward online monthly loans. When you decide to use an online loan service, always make sure to read the terms imposed on the platform. Pay the installments according to the agreed date to avoid any penalties that could burden your monthly payments.

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