Recruit Alexis Messidoro, a full solo quota for foreign players
Recruit Alexis Messidoro, a full solo quota for foreign players

Recruit Alexis Messidoro, a full solo quota for foreign players

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WMOTION.CO.ID – Persis Solo has completed its share of foreign players by bringing in attacking midfielder Alexis Messidoro for a move in the 2022/23 Liga 1 season.

Citing the club’s official website, Thursday, Messidoro became the fourth foreign player to be relegated by Persis Solo, having previously secured Gerard Artigas, Jaimeson Xavier and Aaron Evans.

The Argentine explained that joining Persis Solo was unique and that he had been waiting for a long time for Messidoro not to miss this opportunity.

“I will do everything in my power to make the people who love this club proud of my presence,” Messidoro said, as published by Antara.

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Messidoro continued, he is in high spirits to be able to make an immediate appearance with Persis and with the experience he has, it is hoped that he can help the team fight back in the upcoming Liga 1 competition.

“I am very happy to join such a big club like this. He has shown exactly a very good game so far. I will try to give the experience I have to help this team be better in the future,” Messidoro said.

Currently, Messidoro continues to make efforts to implement the adaptation process and has attended training sessions with the Persis team and it is hoped that this will speed up the adaptation process.

“I will do whatever it takes to adapt as quickly as possible to the team and the players who are already (previously). After attending a training session with the team, I think it is very interesting and can help the adaptation process to be faster.”

The player, whose full name is Alexis Nahuel Messidoro, started his football career with the great Argentine Boca Juniors team in 2016 and then traveled to several clubs in Latin America such as Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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Last season, Messidoro continued his career with the second division club in the Greek league PF Lirapetras and played 28 games, scored 10 goals and made 9 assists from the 2,945 minutes he played.

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