Short article on Packard in Hindi
Short article on Packard in Hindi

Short article on Packard in Hindi

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Short essay on Packard in Hindi, Hindi essay on Packard

Short article on Packered

Short article on Packard in Hindi,

Bakr Eid, also known as Idulzuha, is a sacred holiday for Muslims. It is celebrated all over the world for three days starting from the tenth to the twelfth day in the last month of the Islamic calendar.

On this day all Muslims gather in the mosque or open ground and make offerings. Prayers are performed on an empty stomach, after the namaz, an important part of the feast of Qurbani where an animal is sacrificed, and it is performed by Muslims around the world who have a fortune equivalent to more than 400 grams of gold.

The animal sacrifices offered during the festival are mainly to provide food for the poor and celebrate Abraham’s noble act.

During the three days of the festival; He slaughters goats, camels or sheep, and one third of their meat is for the poor, one third for relatives, and the rest for personal use. This Yagya can be performed at any time before noon on the third day.

This practice of sacrifice is strictly followed during the Hajj in Mecca as pilgrims come from all over the world to perform special rituals.

On this day people wear new clothes, pray, meet relatives and friends and exchange greetings. Prayers and feasts are an integral part of this feast.

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