Son Seok Koo’s unmissable drama
Son Seok Koo’s unmissable drama

Son Seok Koo’s unmissable drama

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The drama Son Seok Koo has become one of the top search engines. Such is the impact of this 1983-born actor’s role as Mr. joe in the drama My editing notes.
Many fans of the drama have praised Seok Koo’s role as a mysterious man who suddenly comes to a rural environment.
Seok Koo is known to have debuted in 2014 with a small role in a melodrama scarlet innocence.
His acting began to be recognized when he played in the series marital chaos In 2018. Seok Koo proved it by being nominated for the Best New Actor category at the SBS Awards.
If you are a fan or just want to watch the charming representation of this enigmatic actor in another drama, here are five Son Seok Koo plays that have been reported from various sources.

  1. Editorial notes (2022)

My editing notes It looks like Son Seok Koo’s name will increasingly be in the South Korean screen industry. Despite the beginning of the episode, the character lacks dialogue, but that does not diminish its charm in the eyes of drama lovers.
As is known, he plays the character of Mr. joe in the drama My editing notes. Although admired by mystery and mystery, the presence of Mr. Gu Hassan was greeted by one of the families in Sanpo Village, the Yum family.
Yeom’s family consists of a father, a mother, and their three children, Yeom Ji Jeong (Lee Il), Yeom Chang Hee (Lee Min Kye), and Yeom Mi Jeong (Kim Je Won).
the master. Gu himself worked as an employee for the Yum brothers’ father. He was also told that he had a romance with Mi Jeong.

  1. Jirisan (2021)

Although he only appeared in a few episodes, Son Seok Koo appeared in the drama Jirisan Enough to make the audience nervous. In this drama, he plays Lim Cheol Kyeong, the first love of Seo Yi Kang (Jun Ji Hyun), who is also a detective.
Jirisan It tells about the life of the forest rangers in Mount Jirisan, one of the oldest officers is Seo Yi Kang. His knowledge of the mountain earned him the nickname “Mountain Ghost”. This also makes Yi Kang often rely on her to find lost climbers.

  1. DP (2021)

DP or fugitive chase It is one of the original Korean dramas on Netflix with a military theme.
The drama, which aired in August 2021, tells the story of a soldier named after who is assigned to a ruthless army unit called DP.
He must find some absent or deserted soldiers (soldiers who have deserted) with his comrade, Han Ho-yeol (Ko Kyu-hwan).
In the series, Son Seok Koo plays Jun Ho’s boss and Ho Yeol’s boss, Captain Im Ji Seop. He has an ambitious, cool and disciplined personality.

  1. news report (2022)

Movie round It is the sequel to the hit movie outlaw (2017) starring Ma Dong-Seok aka Don Lee. He plays Ma Suk-Do, a strict policeman with the nickname “Animal Policeman”.
plot round It will happen four years after Ma Suk-Do manages to wipe out the heinous act of Jang Chen’s (Yoon Kye-Sang) gang. He was again on a mission to capture fugitives who had fled to Vietnam.
Arriving in Vietnam, Suk-Do discovers another murder case and hears about a cold-blooded killer who has terrorized tourists in recent years. In this movie, Son Seok Koo plays an assassin named Kang Hae-Sang.

  1. Nothing serious (2021)

romance without love or Nothing serious It tells the story of a man and a woman named Woo Ri (Son Seok Koo) and Jang Young (Jeon Jong Seo). They both hate dating but also feel lonely.
Finally, Woo Ri and Jang Young were met through a dating app to bring their relationship closer to each other.

Which Son Seok Koo Dramas and Movies would you like to watch?


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