Sports equipment must be worn for cycling
Sports equipment must be worn for cycling

Sports equipment must be worn for cycling

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Unsafe cycling activities can pose a risk to its users. Minor injuries or moderate injuries. And this gets worse if they don’t do as per the terms. So, prepare your cycling gear and other necessities.

10 Kinds Of Sport Cycling Equipment

Cycling equipment

Cycling is a very enjoyable sport. No wonder many people choose it because it does not require much energy, but still has a positive effect. To be on the safe side, you should wear some equipment including:

1. Helm

The first cycling gear to wear is a helmet. As a head protector, this object is mandatory to use so as not to harm in case of bad things. Because in the event you get into an accident while cycling, your brain system is guaranteed to be immune to the impact of hard objects.

You should choose a helmet that fits your head so that it does not interfere with comfort when riding a bike. Also, make sure this set has a hook to enhance its security.

2. glasses

After completing the head safety, the next cycling sports equipment is to provide maximum protection for the eyes. Even though the cycling is done at a moderate speed, it is possible that dust and dirt can come in contact with your face.

Even exposure to dust and dirt on the streets is very dangerous if it hits the eye. Even worse, it may get irritated if it is not handled properly or cleaned with less sterile items.

3. Back light

The following cycling sports equipment is a taillight or flasher; This tool also increases the safety of cyclists. Especially if they are cycling in the morning when the street is still dark and lacking in light.

Generally, these taillights will be installed in seat function and red. The goal is for drivers or other cyclists to know where you are so you don’t get hit from behind.

4. Cycling pant

Not only do swimming sports have special clothing, but also cycling wear cycling shorts or Bike jersey for added comfort for cyclists. You usually feel pain in the back if you hit it saddle a long time ago.

Such interruptions will not occur when using cycling pant while cycling. Choose a material filling It is softer and fits snugly and fits perfectly when pedaling.

5. Storage or status

Cycling equipment is the case. Cyclists will certainly bring a variety of equipment such as cell phone, Wallet or house keys. To prevent these three items from falling off midway, you can use issue Already installed on the bike.

In addition, the sizes also vary according to your needs. If necessary outer space If it is roomy, it is better to buy it in a larger size so that it can accommodate more important items. Although it is taken very seriously, but there issue It is very important to avoid losing an item.

6. Bottle cage

Another cycling sport equipment that is very important is a place to drink on the bike. Cyclists may feel tired and thirsty in the middle of the road. This way, you will be required to bring a drink to quench your thirst on the go.

Being thirsty becomes normal if you do sports, especially strenuous activities. Cyclists should pay attention to small things like this, so as not to harm their comfort when cycling.

7. Gloves

Like all motorcyclists, cyclists also need gloves To provide comfort in both palms when cycling. One of its functions is to prevent excessive sweating so that it can interfere with the bike’s motion control.

Beside that , gloves It can also make it easier on the hands when shifting bicycle gears. Not only that, but you can opt for gloves that are equipped with a lining to feel softer for added comfort when cycling.

8. Tracking Equipment

So far, many applications have been used as a means of sports quality detection, such as: trotting, Cycling or any other physical activity. You can use it to view your flight history so you can rate it for your next workout.

Some of the commonly used apps are Strava, Endomondo, and Runtastic. You can use it easily to discover cycling trips starting from speed, distance or other information.

9. shoes

Don’t underestimate the choice of shoes when cycling. You should choose it so that comfort is maintained during these activities. The goal is to increase performance more effective.

In addition, you can use special pedals as needed such as clip in or lower clip. Both have different functions in prioritizing leg muscle function during cycling activities, so the selection must be modified according to the needs of each.

10. Inner tubes and raincoats

Although it is not intended to provide security, you can take it with you as a backup in case something bad happens like a punctured tire or a nail. Cyclists don’t need to buy it back in the workshop, so they just need to replace it.

In addition, you can also bring equipment in the form of a raincoat. The irregular change of seasons so far can change at any time. This way, cyclists also need to be vigilant so that it doesn’t rain on them during the middle of the ride.

Those were the 10 cycling sports equipment that you need to be prepared to increase safety and comfort when performing these activities. Although it is a fairly light exercise, people should prepare some equipment to reduce the risk of danger.

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