Staying up late should be avoided for the sake of the health of the body

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DEJAVANEWS.COM Staying up too often makes a person sleep deprived. If you don’t get enough sleep, you will lose yourself.

Understand that sleep isn’t just an activity, okay? comradesIt is also a process of resting the body from all other activities.

In addition, good sleep has a good effect on health.

numberWho here likes to stay up late?

Nightlife is often used as a place of pleasure in itself and becomes a competition between several people. The person who can stay up all night is the winner.

Until a few days passed, I realized that his eyes became panda eyes.

“Today I want to sleep early” This word is a sacred word for a million people. The reason is that the person who says the sentence ends up staying up late again.

In fact, did you know that staying up late has a bad effect on health?

1. Lack of focus

Having a good bedtime will be good for everyone and vice versa.

So, if you lack sleep, it can affect the brain and make you lack focus on something.

Not only that, staying up late can also reduce memory, you know.

2. Serious illness call

Staying up late not only makes the eyes dark and dry, but staying up late can also lead to various diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.

3. It can lead to obesity

Staying up late also often causes a person to live with a poor diet, i.e. eating at high hours and irregular portions.

Too much exercise has more or less the same effect as someone who doesn’t exercise very often.

So if you don’t get enough sleep, your hormones will be affected and your body will often feel hungry.

4. Decreased production of hormones

Sleeping is an activity that no one should miss because sleeping at night is usually the time for hormones to work.

Hormones are responsible for many bodily functions, such as regulating appetite, growth, blood pressure, and sleep cycles.

For this reason, one is advised to avoid staying up late.

5. Weakened immune system

When a person stays awake a lot, it can affect the immune system. Well, if you get sick today, it may be the result of staying up late.

These are some of the disadvantages of staying up late that you should know. How, horrible right?

So, from this point on, be intent on avoiding staying up late.

Remember the word Rhoma Irama, yes, don’t stay up if it doesn’t mean something.


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