Story and how old is Hilda in Mobile Legends (ML)?
Story and how old is Hilda in Mobile Legends (ML)?

Story and how old is Hilda in Mobile Legends (ML)?

Posted on – How old is Hilda in Mobile Legends? Hilda is a charming heroine with a plump body, this hero has a unique ability to become stronger in the grass or ambush.

a hero Hilda Mobile Legends Very fast, Hilda is a very good pilot, along with the Flying Slayer, Hilda is often played as a tank hero with a high hitting ability and able to fight anyone in front of her.

Story and what is the age of Hilda Mobile Legends (MLBB)?

Story and how old is Hilda in Mobile Legends (ML)?

Hero Hilda in Mobile Legends has an interesting story to discuss, because few people think Hilda is Balmond’s friend. Hilda is a tank/fighter champion who has a plump body. This hero has a uniqueness that other heroes do not have, that is, when in the grass or ambush, he will become stronger and tougher. Besides playing often as a seaplane, Hilda also plays effectively as a tanker.

This is because Hilda’s movement is very fast, so she is able to get around and beat enemies well. Many Mobile Legends players even use Hilda for fun by making it difficult for enemy jungle heroes to do farming. It was watered in a barren place called Megalith Westlands. The place is an area inhabited by a clan.

Although it only consisted of giant boulders and bushes without green grass, the clan members were very comfortable living there. Even anyone living in that place other than the clan members would definitely not be able to survive. In stark contrast to the bustling city life, there are only a few desert animals. A clan member named Hilda was appointed as the clan leader. The date cannot be separated from the skills and knowledge Hilda has acquired since her birth.

As a leader, Hilda mobilized her entire clan to become a great Hunter. To get food, the only way they can do it is by hunting in the arid desert region. It was not easy to get food, because they had to defeat the monsters that inhabited the desert. Relying on large axe-shaped weapons made from the bones of the beasts they had hunted, they continued to hunt.

Hilda wears animal hides and furs so she can camouflage while hunting. Curious how old is Hilda’s hero in Mobile Legends? Regarding this, unfortunately Moonton as a developer has not mentioned the age of each of these heroes. However, we estimate that his current age is between 14 and 17 years old.

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