Super Saiyan Student Chapter 2894 Nothing to do
Super Saiyan Student Chapter 2894 Nothing to do

Super Saiyan Student Chapter 2894 Nothing to do

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Goku Tian insulted him. He couldn’t resist. He had no choice but to admit it and humiliate his sister in front of him. Then he must be very uncomfortable.

“Xiao Fan, take it, let me lick it!” Xiao Fang gritted his teeth and said.

He had reached this critical juncture, Goku Tian was extremely miserable before, how could he shrink now.

Wait, she has to return a grudge today!

The more she insulted Goku Tian, ​​the more Xiao Fang swore that she would make Goku Tian pay more for it!

“Sister…” Xiao Fan was still hesitating.

“Hurry up!” Xiao Fang strongly urged.

Xiao Fan did not say anything, his eyes were red, clutching his shoes, he came to his sister.

Goku Tian looked at him coldly, and said sarcastically, “But you are really affectionate to your brothers, so you can go to the movie. I thought you guys really don’t have feelings. It turns out that you don’t have feelings for others and your people. I still care a lot, I can compare my heart to mine.”

Xiao Fang looked at Guoku Tian, ​​and said coldly, “You’ve hit enough, you’ve humiliated her enough, her hatred, can be considered her revenge.”

“Is it because I lick these shoes clean again, you will let us leave my brother!”

Goku Tian nodded and said, “Yes!”

“You’d better remember what you’re saying now!” After Xiao Fang finished speaking, he quickly picked up the two shoes, licked the thick phlegm in his mouth after a few strokes, and swallowed it in front of Goku Tian.

“Satisfied?” Xiao Fang looked at Shen Yuelan, then at Goku Tian, ​​and said coldly.

“Satisfied!” Goku Tian clapped his palms and smiled.

Shen Yuelan didn’t say anything.

Goku Tian turned around and walked beside Shen Yuelan. Shen Yuelan didn’t say anything, holding Goku Tian’s hand, holding her stomach that was still aching, Goku Tian walked outside.

When the two of them reached the wall, Goku Tian didn’t stop, but said faintly, “How about that, is it fun to watch? My play, which one is better than the one you’re listening to?”

After speaking, Goku Tian and Shen Yuelan left here without looking back, gradually moving away.

And in the small forest behind the wall, a middle-aged man with an embarrassed and frustrated face appeared, looking at the backs of Goku Tian and the two distant ones, his eyes were very complex.

This person was the old security guard Zhang who had chased Goku Tian before.

He was holding his cell phone that Goku Tian smashed, he wanted to ask Mr. Goku Tiancheng about his crimes, and by the way, see how Goku Tian was cleaned.

Xiao Fan, this group of people are well-known gangsters on the campus of this school, he still knows few details.

Goku Tian alone, with so many people besides Xiao Fan, concluded that Goku Tian definitely wouldn’t be able to bear good fruit when he went.

It is natural to see the arrogant in front of him and hit hard. Furthermore, he has to seek compensation from Goku Tian in exchange for his mobile phone.

When Goku Tian arrived here, his back foot followed. It was an unnecessary problem. He chose to hide in the dark and take a look first. When Goku Tian was almost cleaned, it was not too late to rise and claim.

But the fact that he saw it before his eyes, and the image that he imagined before, is very far away!

In particular, upon seeing Goku Tian pierce the wall with one punch, and punch another hole in the ground, the idea of ​​his claim vanished.

I’m just kidding!

Was puzzled. For such a man, would he dare to go up and ask for an explanation? If Goku Tian was unhappy and punched him, his life would be gone!

Originally, he thought he was hiding very well and secretly, no matter who he was, it was impossible to find himself.

Unexpectedly, Goku Tian discovers him and orders him, causing him to fear Goku Tian. This young man is definitely not an ordinary person!

How cool can ordinary people be!

Xiao Fang, who was not far away, threw Shen Yuelan’s shoes on the ground after Goku Tian left, violently stomped on them, and then kicked away. The anger in her heart did not subside, and her chest continued to fluctuate violently. .

They are all annoyed with Goku Tian.

I’ve gotten so old and spent so long that I’ve encountered this kind of thing for the first time!

It is just a shame! ! !

“Sister, my body hurts so much… excuse me…” Xiao Fan fell to the ground like a dampened ball, feeling pain all over his body as if he was about to collapse.

“Sister Fang, it hurts me too…”

“Sister Fang, help me quickly, help me break the nunchaku, my hands and feet are unconscious!” The boys also cried out in pain.


“Don’t make a noise, ****, it just looks like you guys are getting hurt!” Xiao Fang scolded the boys and girls very uncomfortably. Every time she said a word, her face trembled in pain.

“Xiao Fan, if you insist, I will call and call for an ambulance!” Xiao Fang said to Xiao Fan, who was sweating and pale in pain.

Raising her head, she happened to see Lao Zhang, who was still wearing a security uniform, standing in the corner where she was leaving.

“Hey! Security guard, call us to get some ambulances!” Xiao Fang shouted.

Security Guard Zhang came to his senses, looked at Xiao Fang, and showed her the rotten mobile phone he was still carrying. He helplessly said, “The guy just slapped her now.. She smashed my phone. Do you think this phone can make calls?”

“My phone is very good, because of you, it is filmed this way, as I go to the mind, it is impossible for this person to pay me!”

Xiao Fang did not bother to pay attention to his situation, and shouted in a peremptory tone, “So what are you trying to do? Why don’t you go find a mobile phone and call us for an ambulance!”

Security guard Zhang was unable to get Goku Tian to make up for his mobile phone. This account had already put Xiao Fang and others in his heart. If they don’t like bullying, will they be able to do what they are now? They will also bring him to Chi Yu. higher!

Xiao Fang was still very rude to him now, and waved his hand even more excitedly, “I’m out of work, I want to go home, you can find out about your private affairs, it has nothing to do with me, I haven’t seen anything, nothing I don’t know at all!”

Once again, Lao Zhang had nothing to do with himself, hanging in the sky.

Shen Yuelan was too lazy to take care of him when it happened. Now that Xiao Fang and the others are in trouble, he is not too lazy to take care of her, but he does not dare to take care of her.

Who knows that Young Master knows, will he take it back and shoot something out of it?

“Oh! You bastard! Don’t leave!” Xiao Fang shouted, but the security guard Zhang had already escaped.

“Sister… you got hurt… it hurts…” Xiao Fan’s face became even more uglier, and he shivered on the ground in pain.

He was afraid of Goku Tian’s punch just now, and for a while, he forgot the pain on his body. Now Goku Tian was gone, his soul relaxed. The pain on his body was like pouring rain, as he shivered.

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