Take these steps to find a therapist
Take these steps to find a therapist

Take these steps to find a therapist

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our end! You have made the important decision to find a therapist. But… what now? Where and how does one find the right match? You obviously want to put as much time and effort into research as possible. However, like most expert searches, you may feel rushed or in a crunch. After all, who is looking for a skilled plumber Before Their kitchen sink springs are leaking?

Having said that, you have to strike a delicate balance. Get the help you need while taking the time to find someone who seems compatible with a variety of factors (cost, location, specialty, and more).

What does a mental health therapist do?

This largely depends on why you are going to see them. But, for the general purpose of this post, we can give a somewhat universal description. Your therapist is trained to provide ongoing care for anyone with mental health problems. The type of treatment can sometimes be common, such as anxiety treatment, depression treatment, and trauma treatment. However, the treatment is always individualized. In therapy, patients are treated in the holistic sense. Goals always revolve around identifying root causes and developing positive solutions.

Take these 3 steps to find a therapist in Texas

1. Narrow Your Choices

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List your non-negotiable factors. These, for example, may include:

  • Location and/or availability of virtual sessions
  • treatment costs
  • Your gender, race, age, or other preferences
  • area of ​​specialty focus; Awareness of your fears

For example, if you are in Texas, you need to know if you want a therapist in Houston or a therapist in Sugar Land, Texas. On the other hand, in-person probably isn’t a great option for you, so go for an online therapist in Texas.

If you are identified as LGBTGIA+, you may want someone who can understand your unique experiences. and so on…

Once you have your list, take advantage of the resources at your disposal. Your health insurance company will have its own list of providers. In addition, you can check online reviews, talk to trusted confidants, and consult organizations related to your problem or problem.

These steps will narrow things down and thus simplify how to find a therapist.

2. Free Consultation

Now make a new list while trying to find a therapist. This therapist will include mental health therapists that you find matching the list in Step 1. Contact them for free and confidential counseling. Before this series of phone calls, be organized and prepared. Some questions and possible topics for your consultation:

  • Find out as much as you can about the therapist, eg specialties, education, time in the field, etc.
  • Ask for details about treatment options
  • Experience them with your specific concern
  • Clarify any questions you have about scheduling, payments, cancellation policy, and other practical matters
  • Share your preferences regarding in-person versus online therapy

Be as honest and direct as possible. A therapist can’t help you unless you open up to them. This contact can begin with your initial phone conversation. Even if you had a strong relationship with the therapist during the consultation, keep it up with others. Give yourself options.

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Then comes the real test. You have done your homework. You may have had a meaningful telephone consultation. But the most important thing is what happens when you start your sessions. Never forget, you don’t have to settle. If anything is “disabled,” mention it. At Eddins Counselling Group in Houston, Texas, we believe it is essential to work as a team to ensure energy alignment. You should feel comfortable, especially when therapy involves discussing very personal topics.

If, for some reason, you decide to try someone else, talk about it. Your therapist is a professional who understands the importance of harmony and vitality. Trust this contact to speak as honestly and openly as possible.

Ultimately, in order to achieve success in treatment, you must ensure that your therapist in Houston is the right person. Once you establish that connection and feel comfortable opening up, congratulations. I found your therapist!

Are you ready to find a therapist in Houston, Texas?

If you or someone you know is ready to try a treatment, we invite you to the Eddins Counselling Group today. We have therapists in Houston as well as therapists in Sugar Land, Texas. Trying to find a therapist can be difficult, but it can be one of the most important phone calls you will ever make. Start by following these steps to make it a little easier.

  1. Contact us today for a free consultation
  2. Schedule your first appointment with a therapist who fits your needs
  3. Start getting support tailored to you and your needs

Services offered by our therapists in Sugar Land, TX and Houston, TX

At Eddins Counselling Group in Texas, we offer plenty of options to fit your needs when it comes to treatment. No matter your age, we have a therapist who can help you with counseling for children, teens, and adults. Our services include anxiety treatment, depression treatment, disordered eating counseling, trauma therapy, ADHD treatment, grief counseling, and more! We also offer couples counseling and family therapy. Access to mental health support is important to us, so we have three locations in Texas. Including Sugar Land, the Houston Heights area, and the Houston-Montrose area. In addition, we offer all of our services through online therapy to the residents of Texas.

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