Teaching children with various educational and fun educational media
Teaching children with various educational and fun educational media

Teaching children with various educational and fun educational media

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Teknoflux.com– Teaching children with various educational and fun educational mediaEducation is a learning process that aims to educate, provide knowledge, develop human potential and achieve a better learning process.

In general, education is the process of teaching and learning activities, and this learning process can be conducted in a formal, informal and informal way.

For individuals or groups with the aim of improving the quality of mindset and developing the potential in each individual.

As explained above, the process of education can be in the form of formal, informal and informal education with the hope of increasing mental intelligence and developing the potential of each individual.

Benefits of education for children

Teaching children with various educational and fun educational media

Such education in its activities or activities provides many benefits to man, such as:

  • Giving people a very wide knowledge,
  • Develop a person’s personality for the better,
  • Inculcating positive human values, and
  • To train human beings to develop their talents/talents for positive things.

educational purpose

  • Purpose of education, this education has the following objectives:
  • intelligence development,
  • The development of the human personality to have a noble character,
  • able to control themselves,
  • have skills,
  • high creativity and
  • Of course also to educate people to be better.

So we can conclude that this education is very important in improving the quality of life, and a bit of a motivator.

education type

In the learning process that takes place in schools, there are clear educational programs ranging from elementary school (SD), middle school (SMP), secondary school (SMA) to higher education (students).

formal education

Formal education is a learning process that is generally conducted in schools and there are regulations that apply and must be followed if you are studying in school then there are parties involved in supervising the learning process in school.

informal education

In contrast to formal education, non-formal education is usually found in our own environment, non-formal education activities/activities for example:

  • Quran Education Park (TPA), which is abundant in mosques and mosques
  • Sunday School, available in all churches.
  • Plus there is a place for music lessons and the like.

informal education

Continuing informal and non-formal education is an educational path within the family and the environment itself.

In this informal education, learning activities are carried out independently and are carried out with awareness and responsibility for the informal education itself, namely:

  • Children must be taught from birth
  • Education begins with the family
  • Homeschooling: formal but informal education.
  • It was also issued unofficially because achieving the goal of civic education begins with the family.


This is the information that we can provide about educating children with interesting and varied educational teaching methods, and we hope that this article will be useful and useful to you.

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