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BB Fest is going on and so is the evening of the expulsion, of the three pass holders behind the scenes would definitely still be at risk of going for a stay!
You can be sure that one of them will definitely be completely safe! Which behind-the-scenes permit owner would you like to help? .

Terms and Conditions
BB Backstage Pass Voting Program

open elections to residents of the United States (excluding Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and other United States territories, territories, and possessions); 18 years of age or older or with the permission of a parent or guardian. Information fees may apply to participation in the Program.

sponsor: CBS Broadcasting Inc. as well as CBS Interactive Inc., 680 Folsom Street, 12th Floor, San Francisco, California 94107

1. Accept the terms and conditions. By being elected into the BB Backstage Pass voting program (“ a programYou therefore agree as well as agree to the Software, available at The Software is also based on online instructions available at (“) Help page‘) incorporated here by attribution, as well as by CBS Interactive Inc. in connection with use discovered at

2. Voting periods: Voting starts at 6 o’clock: 45 PM Pacific Time (“PT”) on July 6, 2022 As well as finishing in 9:00 AM PT July 14, 2022; (The “ Voting periodRegistrant may at any time as in his or her individual distinction transmit the voting period as well as the article’s notice of the change online on the Big Brother 24 website available at (“). BB . websiteBig Brother 24 shows are subject to safeguards as well as schedule adjustments. Please check your neighborhood TV listings for Big Brother 24 dates/times in your location.

3. BB Backstage Pass’ room description: During the voting period, audiences of the Big Brother 24 TV show will definitely be required to participate in the program by selecting a qualified housing officer who is certain to remain eviction-free today. Eligible Guests are the three guests selected for Backstage Passes throughout the July 6, 2022 episode. An eligible guest has one of the most poll wins. Visitors will definitely choose to use the system mentioned below. The maximum is 10 (10) ballot papers per email address for the duration of the voting period.

4. Exactly how to participate:
Voting: Participants may, throughout the voting period, opt for the scheme as defined herein. .


(i) Participants may choose to use the CBS Big Brother webpage, available at When you are on the Big Brother webpage, you can choose using the polling machine. .

Individuals can access the polling system using their computer systems and/or smartphones. Information charges may be used.

Voting period schedule:

Start date and time Expiry date and time
6:45pm PST July 6, 2022 9:00 AM PT July 14, 2022

If you are a customer of wireless solutions and also have a mobile phone, tablet or various other wireless tools that give you access to this software, you may also choose to use any of these tools throughout the voting period. Please understand that you may be charged for information prices in accordance with your service agreement with your wireless service provider. Individuals should examine the pricing strategies as well as the fees associated with their participation in this program.

In no event shall Sponsor be Sponsor, its parent, agent, licensees, affiliates and related companies or their sponsors, advertising or promotion agencies, their officers, directors, employees, representatives or representatives Administrators‘), be liable or responsible for any damages or losses of any kind, including direct, indirect, consequential or punitive incidental damages arising from lost, incomplete, late or damaged communications or over the Internet; malfunctions or malfunctions of telephones (including including cordless phones/hand devices); telephone lines, telephone systems, or other communications errors; cellular equipment towers, telephone systems, or wireless services; intermittent or unavailable network or servers; communication errors, computer hardware or software failures, or other technical malfunctions; distorted, lost, misleading or deceptive transmissions; any error, omission, interruption, defect or delay in any transmission or communication; traffic congestion or any other technical problem; errors in the receipt or scheduling of votes via online voting.

Sponsor is exempt from any kind of injury, loss or damage of any kind to individuals, including death, as well as residential or commercial property occurring in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from participation in the Program.

5. Added disclaimer: If for any kind of factor the software is unable to perform as intended, or if there is infection by a Trojan horse, pest, interference, unapproved treatment, scams, or technological failure, or if there are any other type of various reasons beyond control Those responsible for corruption or affecting the administration, safety, justice, stability, or appropriate conduct of this Program, Officials shall schedule the right, at their individual discretion, to transfer or invalidate any type of ballot. Administrators may temporarily or completely void any type of promotional offer of any type of individual they believe has already violated these Terms, terminate or put on hold on any type of factor, and/or state polling results based on ballot papers until then factor , if it is found that the ballot procedure has already been distorted by hacking or various other disturbances such that the results do not surely show true ballot papers should continue to be polled. In the event of technological problems in the ballot, the officials schedule the right to check the accuracy of the selection as well as to carry out any kind of exemplary activity, which consists, without limitation, invalidating the ballots for the duration of the voting period in which these technological problems occurred. Administrators and their designated representatives, police officers, supervisors, affiliates, associates, as well as workers shall have no duty to any kind of injury or damage to individuals or to any of the various computer systems of other individuals connected to or arising from the entry, download and installation of Products or Software applications for this program. Administrators are exempted from failures of communications, networks, digital, technological or computer systems of any kind, incorrect copying of selected information, errors in any type of marketing, advertising or marketing, or any kind of digital or human error, or for For ballots that are cast, misdirected, tampered with, delayed by computer system transmissions, thrown, or delayed.

These Terms and the Terms are subject to transfer at any time at the discretion of the individual administrators. Alerts regarding any such modification will certainly be posted on the BB Web at

Administrators schedule the right, for any type of factor as well as in their individual distinction, to change, discontinue or suspend the Program without prior notice.

to caution: Any effort by a designated entity to intentionally harm any type of online solution or website, harm polling procedures, or otherwise threaten the actual procedure of the program is an offense under civil and criminal legislation as well as effort must be made, officials schedule the right to search for various other problems and/or treatments of any kind from such individuals to the highest level permitted by legislation.

6. Voting problems:
Administrators reserve the right to invalidate, obstruct, or delete any type of ballot from any type of person who chooses by any kind of digital, mechanical or automated means, or otherwise corrupts the Software, or for any of various other factors, as specified by Responsible at one discerning.
Administrators are relieved of any kind of problems to the citizen tool(s) that may occur from the use solution. Administrators reserve the right, for any type of factor as well as in their individual distinction, to change, discontinue or suspend the Program without prior notice.

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