The benefits of yoga turn to helping diabetes with heart disease
The benefits of yoga turn to helping diabetes with heart disease

The benefits of yoga turn to helping diabetes with heart disease

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DEJAVANEWS.COM – The benefits of yoga can actually help diabetes and heart disease. The increased demands in the home, work, and social environment often cause long-term stress, which can have a negative impact on health, both physically and mentally.

This awareness is what causes many women today to search for ways to live a balanced and quality life, one of which is through the practice of yoga, which is increasingly demanded by women in urban areas.

Citing Healthline, yoga has many scientifically proven benefits, including stress relief, reduced anxiety and inflammation, increased endurance, and increased strength and balance. In fact, a 2019 survey demonstrated the ability of yoga to improve quality of life.

Regarding its benefits in reducing inflammation or inflammation, many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, Crohn’s disease, and many other conditions are associated with prolonged inflammation.

One review examined 15 research studies and found general results. Yoga, practiced in a variety of styles, intensity, and durations, can reduce biochemical markers of inflammation in many chronic conditions.

Not only that, yoga is also believed to help in increasing immunity or immunity, if done properly. But the problem is that few make mistakes when practicing yoga, including choosing clothes.

IETE’s Brand Manager, Cory Margaret, revealed that the problem that often arises when searching for sportswear is finding clothes that have the right function, but still look fashionable.

“Activewear should support every sporting movement we do, as well as our appearance when exercising. They are functional and high-quality materials that are very fashionable,” he said during the launch of the Activewear brand from Korea, IETE from Yuna & Co.

Corey added that the launch of IETE in Indonesia aims to provide an incentive for women to exercise in order to achieve a balanced and quality life.

“Aimed at modern, energetic and dynamic Indonesian women, IETE offers a new definition of fitness wear by combining high-quality materials and sophisticated styles to create a fresh sporty look. It’s a combination of fashion meets function,” added Cory Margaret.


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