The best snapshots of summer 2022
The best snapshots of summer 2022

The best snapshots of summer 2022

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Technology calls itself in all areas, from health to economics, new technologies are a part of our daily lives. We’ve compiled a summary of this season’s top stories in Best Of du Snap.

On Best Of du Snap on July 30, 2022:

Technology in the service of health. It is engaged in combating the spread of the epidemic, as happened in Beijing during the Winter Olympics. Journalists receive their meals from the ceiling!

– Last March, Steve Welheit, the father of GIF, died of complications from Covid-19. He created this digital image format in 1987. In 1989, GIF, pronounced “JIF”, became animated.

This year, there was a pixel war on the Reddit forum. Users from all over the world participated in the so-called “pixel war” for 4 consecutive days. Results? Colored fresco with multiple symbols and international references.

Ukrainian startup Esper Bionics has designed an electronic hand that provides greater autonomy and versatility to its user. Esper Hand is evolving and improving over time. This prosthetic hand is equipped with numerous sensors and adapts to the needs of the user.

– Ai-Da was recognized as the world’s first robot artist. It is a humanoid robot with feminine traits capable of drawing and even reciting poetry. Equipped with eye sensors and based on artificial intelligence.

Earlier this year, Meta held a virtual conference called Inside The Lab. An opportunity for Mark Zuckerberg to introduce his new artificial intelligence, the Builder Bot. Metaverse conspiracies are invading even the biggest brands, like Nike. The sneaker giant created the surprise by launching its first line of sneakers at NFT, titled “CryptoKicks.”

2022 also welcomed a newcomer: Pixy. This Snapchat signed mini drone is very light. It allows users to photograph themselves from a new angle. It follows you everywhere and flies independently.

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